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Grounding yourself, What is it and how do you?

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Grounding yourself, is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energy state and reconnecting them.

I have over the past month or so been in need of grounding quite often, here are a few things that I have been trying, some do work and some don't work for me, I suppose it's a matter of trial and error.

When is grounding necessary?

Anyone with mental illness at some times run into problems with not being grounded.

When we are not grounded we may feel, lightheaded, tired, disconnected, dazed, confused, shaken, flighty, emotionally unstable, etc.

Following is some tips for grounding yourselves, just remember not every tip works for every person. What works for one might not work for you. Just keep trying different technics or a combination of a few until you find something that works,

Eating...eating is great for grounding, eat healthy things, fruit, vegetables, salads, some protein, legumes, potatoes, eggs, fish, etc. Who doesn't like chocolate, a few pieces of dark chocolate is good for your heart, has an antioxidant in it, plus its taste good.

Other strong tastes,....Curries, chillies, rich spicy foods also has a grounding effect,

Eating has slowing effect on the mind and settling mental states.

A regular Scedule....A regular schedule of sleeping, exercise. By doing something on a regular schedule helps your willpower.

Connect with Nature....Walking barefoot outside, feel the grass under your feet, the coolness of it, the texture of it, sand is great to walk on dig your toes, heels, bury your feet in the sand, gardening, long nature walks, these are all good for grounding yourself.

Baths and Showers,.... Baths and showers can be a powerful grounding element, The water running over your hair, head, down your body is really vey potent as is having a bath, with warm water, bubbles and maybe some scented candles, darkening the room for more grounding.

Scents and Smells....Smells can be really powerful in grounding ourselves, find one that works for you, Lavender is well known for giving a relaxing feeling.

Hard excercise,...When your not sure how to ground yourself, try hard physical excercise, cycling, cardio or running. but do not over do it.

These are a few things that we can try to ground ourselves.

How do you ground yourself?

Your thoughts and grounding techniques are very welcome.


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Blue Voices Member

Awww Karen, what an awesome thread. Such amazing examples for grounding.

The 'grounding box' really took me back. I remember years and years ago, well before I knew I had mental health issues, I too had a box that I kept to feel, smell, touch. see. In this box I kept shells, feathers, rocks from the beach. When I was feeling stressed or what i now know as anxiety I used to pull the box out and sit and meditate while feeling, smelling and looking at these beautiful things. It would relax me.

Now, to ground myself I just walk outside into the garden, listen and watch the birds. We have two bird baths. One in the front yard and one in the back yard. I also water the garden and hopefully water the frogs to get them singing. All through winter they thanked me for the water. It was beautiful.

Other techniques i've used over the years is asana yoga poses. Usually the standing and sitting ones, while breathing by breath.

Again Karen. Great thread.

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Karen, also Random, Sara, GreenTeaAndHoney, and Pamela.

Thanks Pamela for posting here, as I was about to go looking for this thread after mentioning it on your thread. You saved me going looking for it as it sprang up here before my very eyes.

Very useful thread Karen. I dont have any advice to add at this stage. I mainly want to follow along with everyone elses tips for now. But I will be going through some grounding techniques with my psych in upcoming sessions with her. If I learn something which may benefit others here, which is not already here, then I'll post it.


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Hello Pamela,

Thank you for your kind words and great input.

I still use my grounding box at times I get extremely anxious. But usually I ground myself by going outside, taking my shoes off sitting with my feet on the grass and watch the clouds drift pass.

If I need grounding during the night, I head out front onto the veranda and sit on my old lounge leaning back and watch the stars, we have no street lights where I live, so the stars are amazing.. a few occasions I must have drifted of to sleep because I woke up to a front row seat of a beautiful sunrise..

There is so many ways to get grounded it's really what works for the individual..

Grounding boxes are once made by you readily available and can easily be stored in different places around the house or yard for quick availability if required.


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Community Champion

Hello everyone,

We all know how terrible anxiety can feel. From the nauseous feeling to the panicky sensation when you have to try something new, to the overwhelming anxiety that incapacitates you.
Grounding is a simple but effective therapeutic technique that can help you when strong anxiety hits. You can use grounding when you feel like the anxiety is taking over, when you feel numb, like you are in a dream, lost in past events.
Grounding helps to bring a person back to the here and now, to realise that they are safe and in control of their reality and emotions. It helps a person to refocus and find calmness and strength in the present moment when they are highly anxious and emotional.
There are many different grounding techniques for anxiety.

Some more examples of grounding techniques.

Grounding techniques which are good for anxiety.
The 54321 technique.
Name 5 things you can see in the room with you (e.g. chair, painting)
Name 4 things you can feel (e.g. my feet on the floor, cool air on my skin)
Name 3 things you can hear right now (e.g. people talking outside)
Name 2 things you can smell right now (e.g. toast, perfume)
Name 1 good thing about yourself (e.g. I am strong)
Touch and describe an object

Find an object around you e.g. cushion, handbag, etc.
Try to describe it as if you are explaining it to someone who has never seen it before. e.g.
“This is a cushion, it is a square shape with a red and purple pattern of stripes…it feels soft with some hard ridges around the corners”
Repeat until you feel calm.

Memory game
When you are feeling anxious, you need to try to bring yourself to the present moment, and using your memory can help with this. e.g.Name as many types of dog breeds you can.How many cities have you visited around the world.

Repeat the alphabet

Square Breathing
Getting your breathing under control can be hugely effective in reducing anxiety, but most people either breathe too fast or hold their breath when they are trying to calm down.

Square breathing is a simple way to refocus your attention to your breath and the present moment.
With your index finger, slowly trace the shape of a square in front of you, keeping your eyes on that finger.
With one side, breathe in for 3 seconds…
With the next side....hold your breath for 1 second…
With the third side.... breathout for 3 seconds…
With the final side...... hold for 1 second..keep repeating this until calm.


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Community Champion

Hello Amanda, and everyone else,

Thank you Amanda for calling in and taking a look here,

Everyones input, suggestions are very welcome, the more ideas and suggestions for different ways of grounding is always welcome. Not everything works for everyone, it's good to get different combinations of how you can be grounded.

I have over the last few days been very high with anxiety after being triggered, I ended up sitting outside last night near midnight watching and counting the stars while I was popping bubble wrap, It took a while but it grounded me, enough for some meditation and mindfulness music and eventually sleep.

Karen (Grandy).

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Blue Voices Member

Hello Karen

Being triggered is the pits isn't it. The most difficult part for me is working out why. Though I have overtime realised that finding out what the trigger is not really that important. It's how i manage through the trigger. You sound like you're doing all the right things Grandy. So hang in there you wonderful woman. You are so inspiring!! Keep going - you are a marvel. I know you're going to find it difficult to accept my phrase, but lovely one. It's all okay. You're here now, with us on BB.!

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Blue Voices Member

Hello Karen and everyone ❤

Karen what a wonderful thread idea.

I needed grounding yesterday and i went and sat with my chickens. Watched them with their simple ways. I picked one up and held her and patted her and she fell to snoozing in my lap.

They don't worry about the future or get tangled up in angst about the stupid thing they said yesterday.

They're just here, present, right now. They helped to ground me and bring me back to now.

Love 🌻birdy

A quick reply.

I also find sitting outside on my back patio and simply listening to the birds and watching their antics is lovely. It's very much like mindfulness which you can do anytime, anywhere. When sitting outside and feeling the grass beneath your feet or any of the other suggestions you have so thoughtfully provided, you will be concentrating on one aspect at a time.

Mindfulness is very similar. It simply requires you to be in the moment with whatever you are doing. A friend of mine did this when washing the evenings dishes. He made a point of noticing everything he did and concentrating on doing the best job he could. Like sitting in the garden, the attention becomes focussed on the thing immediately before you. While you are attentive to your task you are able to release the anxiety. There is simply no room for it.

This is a gift to yourself that you can take anywhere. Focus on what is next, then next, then next. It's quite surprising how it slows down your life in a good way.


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Hello Pamela, Birdy, Mary, everyone else,

Pamela....I agree being triggered is the pits, and it most important to try and get yourself under control asap. At times getting under control is not as hard as other times.

Birdy....Thank you for your lovely story about your little chickens, you made it sound so sad but peaceful.. I often think about what you said about chickens/animals living in the now. 🐣🐥🐰🦋. no worries about the stress of living..

Mary... it's nice to just sit barefoot feet on the grass listening to birds, as you mentioned this is like mindfulness. With grounding oneself we should be trying to use all 5 of our senses, I have found out that I can usually ground myself before I've used the 5 senses....sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, It depends how deep into your triggers/anxiety as to how long it would take you to get yourself grounded...

I have my grounding boxes out near my favourite spots, front veranda, back veranda, in the shed, so I can watch the clouds or birds while "playing" with my grounding box..

Thank you all for your very encouraging posts,


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What is a grounding box