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Grounding yourself, What is it and how do you?

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Community Champion

Grounding yourself, is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energy state and reconnecting them.

I have over the past month or so been in need of grounding quite often, here are a few things that I have been trying, some do work and some don't work for me, I suppose it's a matter of trial and error.

When is grounding necessary?

Anyone with mental illness at some times run into problems with not being grounded.

When we are not grounded we may feel, lightheaded, tired, disconnected, dazed, confused, shaken, flighty, emotionally unstable, etc.

Following is some tips for grounding yourselves, just remember not every tip works for every person. What works for one might not work for you. Just keep trying different technics or a combination of a few until you find something that works,

Eating...eating is great for grounding, eat healthy things, fruit, vegetables, salads, some protein, legumes, potatoes, eggs, fish, etc. Who doesn't like chocolate, a few pieces of dark chocolate is good for your heart, has an antioxidant in it, plus its taste good.

Other strong tastes,....Curries, chillies, rich spicy foods also has a grounding effect,

Eating has slowing effect on the mind and settling mental states.

A regular Scedule....A regular schedule of sleeping, exercise. By doing something on a regular schedule helps your willpower.

Connect with Nature....Walking barefoot outside, feel the grass under your feet, the coolness of it, the texture of it, sand is great to walk on dig your toes, heels, bury your feet in the sand, gardening, long nature walks, these are all good for grounding yourself.

Baths and Showers,.... Baths and showers can be a powerful grounding element, The water running over your hair, head, down your body is really vey potent as is having a bath, with warm water, bubbles and maybe some scented candles, darkening the room for more grounding.

Scents and Smells....Smells can be really powerful in grounding ourselves, find one that works for you, Lavender is well known for giving a relaxing feeling.

Hard excercise,...When your not sure how to ground yourself, try hard physical excercise, cycling, cardio or running. but do not over do it.

These are a few things that we can try to ground ourselves.

How do you ground yourself?

Your thoughts and grounding techniques are very welcome.


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Community Champion

Hello Angelic,

Thank you for calling in and sharing with us your grounding techniques..Everyone I think has their own way of grounding themselves, I’m very happy you have found what works for you...it could work for others as well..Thank you very much

I also like write short little stories for distracting...I also like imagery meditation as well...

Their is a thread here called....”Creative writing for distraction “...your very welcome to share your stories in there for others to read and it will also help distract them....

I hope I will see you around the forums...

Kind thoughts


Hi Grandy Angelic and readers ☺

Was just reading some on page 1 (last 2 posts) again it's interesting what benefits fragrances can have.

I think there'd be something positive and real in what they can do because of the reaction we have from association but also stimulating endorphines from smelling something that takes us back to a happy time in our lives.

You asked Grandy what fragrances do we like. Two put me in another place ..of absolute bliss.

Jonquils aroma (creamy/white onesl

Truss tomatoe vines. Wow the amazing earthy smell. It's fresh and alive.

Both blow me away.

Angelica as Grandy suggested the creative writing thread you might enjoy, I'm one day going to land there too. It's very good. Do you have your art on walls or around you, could help with grounding as well .☺ I do.

I feel grounded and at peace hearing the non screechy birds singing. Calming and melodic. And in cooler weather.

Enjoy your days ☺

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Community Champion

Hello Deebi and everyone,

Thank you Deebi for your very valuable insight and ideas about grounding.... they are all very welcome.....I love the smell of a tomato vine..it doesn’t really smell of tomatoes as such....but you just know by the smell of the vine that it is a tomato vine...

Birds, are mother nature’s beautiful choir, to remind us that their is beauty in nature, and allow our 5 senses can be grounded by nature...

Sight.....Trees, mountains, clouds, animals, birds, flowers..





Have a good day everyone....


No no art on wall but in drawing pad and will check it out the creative writing

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I am not really sure if this are grounding techniques, but they definitely help me calm down and get back from the state of panic/anxiety/overwhelming worry/darkness:

Playing piano - I need to focus on what I am doing

Listening to music - listening to lyrics often allows me discover something I have not noticed before

Martial arts - full focus on the body movement adding correct breathing. This includes also just thinking how a technique should be done, if I am in place I cannot physically do it

If at work - bulletpoint and plan what I have to do - this helps me overcome work related anxiety

If at home - tidy up something small, e.g. put clean dishes where they belong, make shopping list

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello gucia6,

I like what you do, to bring you and keep you in the present..The here and now...

Anything that calms you down through a panic attack or takes away negative thoughts are a form of grounding..

I think that the way you ground yourself is great because it’s also incorporating mindfulness as well...very well done..

If your out and about and haven’t got access to those things that ground you..on a few of the pages here are some suggestions on making small grounding boxes/parcels that can be kept in your car, bag, works desk etc..

Thank you ver much gucia for adding some really good suggestions and sharing with us, what works for you..

Kind thoughts with care..


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi lovely Grandy 👩‍❤️‍👩 and everyone 😊

I like this thread Grandy.

Might have been mentioned a friend was taught to feel her fingers one at a time going up and down each one.

I too like the idea of redirecting focus. Well done Gucia ☺

Thanks for another good thread Grandy ☺

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Hi everybody,

My opposite to being grounded is being overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed because there are so many unfinished tasks.

When I think about the word grounding, I think of being in my garden

and the image of wood. Wood belongs to the Earth element and is therefore grounding.

Walking barefoot in the garden feels very grounding to me.

Inside: I start to feel grounded when I finish one task before I start the next one.

This feeling of becoming more and more grounded is more intense when I physically

stay in one spot/room and don't walk back and forth all the time.

Staying grounded for me, is closely linked to getting enough sleep.

Sleep well.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Balance,

I like your avatar...it’s what life is meant to be a balance between society and nature...

My Mental Health Support took me to a river with an untouched beautiful and natural bush landscape around it, in between specialist appointments....

I took of my shoes when the grass looked green and soft. It was cool and felt good on my feet...The highlight of my day was I walked up to a gum tree and hugged it..Did I feel something inside me...yes, I took my time and felt the warmth of the trunk, looked up and saw the leaves, gently dancing around in the breeze..and I heard the beautiful wild life that the tree houses daily...and I felt grounded and calmer before I had to go to my next appointment...

Hugging a tree is like giving our thanks to our beautiful universe....I hope everyone tries it at least once...and once you’ve done it..you will do it again..


How do you like to ground yourself?....

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Ive found using the 54321 technique with a little help from 1800respect did well for reducing my crisis.

I've used a torch as a grounding technique, by holding it and speaking the words I create whilst focusing upon the torch. That works in crisis also.

A 6 second in breath, followed by a 6 second exhale, using abdominal breathing rather than chest breathing.

Closing my eyes to reduce sensory input.

Chopping wood with an axe helps to safely release feelings of violence.