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Grounding yourself, What is it and how do you?

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Grounding yourself, is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energy state and reconnecting them.

I have over the past month or so been in need of grounding quite often, here are a few things that I have been trying, some do work and some don't work for me, I suppose it's a matter of trial and error.

When is grounding necessary?

Anyone with mental illness at some times run into problems with not being grounded.

When we are not grounded we may feel, lightheaded, tired, disconnected, dazed, confused, shaken, flighty, emotionally unstable, etc.

Following is some tips for grounding yourselves, just remember not every tip works for every person. What works for one might not work for you. Just keep trying different technics or a combination of a few until you find something that works,

Eating...eating is great for grounding, eat healthy things, fruit, vegetables, salads, some protein, legumes, potatoes, eggs, fish, etc. Who doesn't like chocolate, a few pieces of dark chocolate is good for your heart, has an antioxidant in it, plus its taste good.

Other strong tastes,....Curries, chillies, rich spicy foods also has a grounding effect,

Eating has slowing effect on the mind and settling mental states.

A regular Scedule....A regular schedule of sleeping, exercise. By doing something on a regular schedule helps your willpower.

Connect with Nature....Walking barefoot outside, feel the grass under your feet, the coolness of it, the texture of it, sand is great to walk on dig your toes, heels, bury your feet in the sand, gardening, long nature walks, these are all good for grounding yourself.

Baths and Showers,.... Baths and showers can be a powerful grounding element, The water running over your hair, head, down your body is really vey potent as is having a bath, with warm water, bubbles and maybe some scented candles, darkening the room for more grounding.

Scents and Smells....Smells can be really powerful in grounding ourselves, find one that works for you, Lavender is well known for giving a relaxing feeling.

Hard excercise,...When your not sure how to ground yourself, try hard physical excercise, cycling, cardio or running. but do not over do it.

These are a few things that we can try to ground ourselves.

How do you ground yourself?

Your thoughts and grounding techniques are very welcome.


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This has made me want to go out & add to my collection of candles & oils 😊 I love Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla & Peppermint scented candles/oils. It is very calming to light some candles & just chill.


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Hello Bella Donna,

I'm the same they are some of my favourites, I enjoy having a nice bath in a darkish room with aromatic candles burning, relaxation music and bubbles, lol lots of bubbles and just relax then some tension releases itself..I find it calming..

Thank you very much for your post..

Kind thoughts,


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Thank you Grandy,

I found the post, I’m going to read through it later when I can concentrate more, but i am sitting in the garden now and drinking a cup of tea, so I think that’s grounding too.

Take care x

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Community Champion

Hello Teal,

Enjoy your cup of tea and sitting in the garden, look around at your garden, really look around and see what you can notice...ie: notice the coolness of the breeze on your skin, the different colours of the grass, the clouds and how there calmly drifting across the blue sky, hear the birds soft chattering as they play in and around the trees and ground..

There is so meant things that you can notice, while your just sitting down having a cup of tea....looking around and noticing different things helps takes our mind of any negative thoughts, and bring us into the now/present..

I hope this thread an help you, even a little when grounding is needed..

Kind thoughts,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Grandy and all ☺

I just caught up fully here, I commend you on a thorough informative thread. I find it very interesting and helpful.At some stage I intend to take notes πŸ‘

I'm not sure if this is the right place but as meditation was included as a grounding tool and being about reducing anxiety is why I'm mentioning this.

It's what we do, (you and I and Wolfy (smallwolf) did a brilliant one too. The pond (page 1)

Taking our mind into fantasy and writing it out.

  • It opens and explores the mind
  • It's uplifting fun and being creative the
  • No limits with fantasy
  • A biggy for distraction from deep pain and anguish.

It's helped on a few occasions. I'm keen to continue and improve on it which hopefully can also help others.

Also I read mention of foods. Celery I heard induces sleep incidentally

Thanks again Grandy for an excellent thread πŸ€— and everyones input is great reading.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Deebi,

Thank you for your kind words..

I started a fantasy escape thread a couple of weeks back. I just haven't been back to get it started properly..I started it when I needed an escape..I thought why not put them all in one thread for easy access..

Thank you for your information on celery. I wasn't aware of that celery induced sleep..it will be interesting to study up on food and the effects on our bodies..I think food can have an impact on our mental health.

kind thoughts


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi! Great question, and there's been heaps of great answers.

My psychologist gave me a 'checklist' to help ground myself - she called it Mindfulness. When I feel detached, tired, panicky/anxious, etc., I go through the checklist & use it to calm down and focus. It's designed to use all your senses, & really makes you think about your immediate surroundings, rather than your thoughts.

For most of the steps, stand/sit still with your eyes closed & list either aloud or in your head (whichever one you feel like, taking into account where you are and such)

1. List everything you can smell. Food scents, wet dirt, even gross stuff

2. List everything you can hear. The wind, people talking, your own breathing

3. List everything you can taste. Even if it's just your spit, taste of food/drink you just had

4. List everything you can physically feel. Clothes on your skin, feet on the ground, the chair you're sitting on

5. Open your eyes & list everything you can see. People, colours, objects

Hope this helps πŸ™‚

Hello Headintheclouds,

Thank you very much for you valuable input..

Yesterday I was having a run of panick attacks..I went outside. heart was beating so fast and with the extra beat every 4th beat it felt like my heart was doing summersaults in my chest...I has already taken an extra med, without much help...

I went outside and the sun was warm, so I took my shoes and socks of, then stood on the dry brittle grass, it sure brought me into the now for sure, I stood on a cats claw Bindi..ouch..😒..I moved to the dirt patch next to it certain there would be no bindis there...I was right..While standing there I looked at the sky, the clouds have always bought wonder to my heart, it's such a beautiful and peaceful gift from Mother Nature to us..

Then I heard the loud squawking of heaps of cockatoos flying over then, oh no, landed in the massive eucalyptus tree out my back neighbours place...although now one has lived there for over 10 yrs Ive been told..they were very noisy..(the cockatoo's).. Then I felt the cool breeze making me get goose bumps on my arms, by now panick attack was leaving me, I was feeling a lot calmer..so I then walked out front to where the sun was on the veranda and just there watching the peaceful movement of the clouds...

Grandy. xx

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Tips grounding I use writing stories or drawing also singing something I like to do a hobby to take my mind of my depression to help me feel better listening to church hymns or reading my bible also lollies and chocolate c always a must with me that grounding box sounds like a excellent idea I'm new to this site and forum

I too like to write stories I also love to draw I wish I could share some of my drawings here