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Which one are you? 16 personalities

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I found a web site that is most interesting.

We often wonder who we are, why we think in a certain way and why we clash with others or if we are introvert or extrovert.


16 personalities test

I did and found I'm a "mediator" and my wife an "advocate". Such descriptions are spot on.

It could answer many of your questions of your behaviour and put your mind at rest.


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Champion Alumni

Hi Tony,

This sounds interesting, I will have a look.

I'm curious, you mentioned your wife is "an advocate". Did you check this site out with your wife? I am wondering if she came up with the same choice for herself?

It surprises me at times when someone tells me I am such and such and I have no feeling that is me at all.

Cheers to you from Dools

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thats Myers Briggs is t it, it has been around a long time and I get a different answer each time I do it!!

I agree with Mrs Dools, when people say I am this or that and don’t consult or listen to me.

I like quizzes and they can be fun but as to accuracy who,knows. for me I change my answers depending on my mood.

i can come out as an Introvert or extrovert depending on my mood

PS I came out as mediator which is just one word and there are for other descriptors as well.

Always interesting to do a quiz, thanks Tony


Hi Tony and Quirky,

I Googled the topic and many different sites popped up.

I selected one, went through the multiple questions, then they wanted my full name and email address so I stopped it.

Guess I will keep just being myself regardless! Ha. Ha.

Cheers from Dools

This site


Allows you to take the test. No need to go past "conclusion " at the end of the test.

My wife and I did the test at the same time and found both conclusions very accurate and very helpful ( more on that later)

Quirky I think you and I are very similar in personality in terms of sensitivity, kindness and so on (handsomeness aside lol).

Dools, good luck.

What we got out of it was significant for us. It answers why we react in a certain way, our behaviours are defined and it is separate from what I've always thought was mental illness to blame.

Eg sensitivity is one of the main personality traits of a "mediator". The question is- if this is so, is one prone to such sensitivity to manifest/multiply in childhood by mistreatment, bullying, dominance, expectations and so on.

If so, all along I've purely blamed such sensitivity on my upbring rather than consider the foundation of my state has been my personality type that has reacted to mistreatment greater than I otherwise would have.

Ironically my psych in 2009 when my the fiance now wife was handed the accurate diagnosis of my illnesses said "you'll find it hard to differentiate beyween the illnesses and his personality"

The benefits in distinction is the separation. Eg we live our lives through our own eyes. We assume others think like us yet in my wifes case advocates make up less than 1% of people! Mediators around 4%. Thats rare.

Reading through "advocates" and how she behaves in contrast to me all makes sense. Her patience talking calmly to others for hours to others anout their problems without a hint of data to support her effectiveness is pure advocate and her!

By studying these personalities we can put logic as to why some people enjoy being ambitious sales people and others would shy away ftom selling a suitcase on ebay, why our spouse might be more calculated with budgetting than us, why some are attracted to political careers and others couldnt think of anything worse.

But above all there will be situations where ones behaviour will lead to seeking adjustment of medication dosage when it is how we are wired and little to do with our illness.

That is significant.


Tony my partner did the test and he came outs same as me - I was so amazed as I saw us as very different.

So now he says why don't we do the test as how we see the other person!!

I will let you know the results.

I had a great childhood I just thought I was over sensitive because that was me.

So people would describe me as extrovert but I always come up I this test as introvert but maybe a talkative introvert.

It is funny how I will accept a label from a test but don't want a mental health label.


Hi Tony,

I tired the site you suggested and the result that came up was "Defender". I read some of it and will continue to read it tomorrow. Some of it made a lot of sense and had me thinking, yer, that is me!

Cheers to you for this from Dools

Hi everyone,

Tony this is an interesting quiz. I was surprised to get Mediator as well but a lot of the description makes sense or is eerily accurate (especially the part about disappearing to recharge and feeling uncomfortable speaking via telephone).

I would love to see what hubby would get. It might help to understand how he sees the world and what he needs because we are incredibly different. Also would be interesting to see what I would come up as if he tried the quiz for me.

Thank you for sharing this link.


y partner did the test answering how he felt I would answer and he got same result as me, I did the test as him and got Entrepeneur for him and complete opposites in every category.

So does that mean he knows me better than I know him or that I am more transparent.

Does that mean he acts one way but feels another- who knows but did surprise me.

I realise the test is not meant for someone to pretend to be another.


Yes, it is interesting

My wife and I laugh at our traits.

A few years ago my MIL and her husband were going shopping. As they approached the car in the driveway her husband having last seen her approach the passenger door, vanished.

He searched the house and garage and looked up and down the street

Finally he returned to the car and found her beside the car on hands and knees weeding the grass. An arguement pursued as to why she didnt get in the car and why she didnt tell him she felt compelled to weed the grass.

This action highlighted a distraction trait that is evident in my wife. While building our caravan I'd enter the house and suggest she come to the garage so I can show her the latest development. I'd wait in the shed and wait and wait. I'd walk back toward the house to find her watering the garden. She'd get completely distracted on her way 6 metres to the shed.

What was important for me was to realise such actions were not an action of inconsideration or lack of respect but of innocently focussing on what she sees.

Everytime I ask her the same thing I say "and no weeding on the way". Lol

That is a small example of how we are all wired differently. Once we realise this and the impossibility of changing personalities, we can focus less on the why's of how others think.

But the lawns are well manicured