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There must be somebody in the entire world who will talk to me!

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I have nobody that I can talk too, i don't want to upset my family am finding it very difficult not to talk to anyone about emotional matters.
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Hello Memorytrap, thanks for your comment and welcome.

It's good that this site is active, posts turn over quicker than you think, but can I offer you visit 'the BB cafe' that's where people talk about anything, a little lighter type of conversation and can be fun and that turns over quicker than you would believe.

We have lots of people say it's hard to navigate around, but the new format is coming very soon I believe.

Hope you can stay around.


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Thank you Geoff, you're very kind. The lack of notifications and things makes it very difficult, I would like to keep track of conversations so this is a bit of barrier right now and I'm getting lost. I'm glad to hear a new format is coming, hopefully that will make things better. Thanks again.

Hi memorytrap, welcome to the forums - feel free to read the Forum FAQ thread (pink button at the top) for tips on how to best use the forums and find your way around.  You can pop any other questions you have about how to use the forums in that thread too and we can assist you there. 

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I feel the same way I just don’t know what to do I am think about seeing a psychologist but I don’t want mum to find out I am 17 is there any suggestions