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So lonely i feel ill

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Just hoping for some help i am in absolute despair. I'm completely lonely, have no family and no friends. My loneliness is literally killing me and i don't know what to do anymore. Although i tried to get out there and do things but nothing works and no one to connect with. I feel like i don't exist and nobody sees me. As a 39 year old male, making friends is becoming impossible. I'm too scared to spend the rest of my life like this...
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Yeah , l'd say there's always been isolated people but this modern age has to be building it 10 fold surely. All too easy to stay home and on the pc isn't it.Lotta losing the ability to socialize normally in all that too l think.

Surprised to at someone , oligopolies can't remember who said it, but of how lonely and isolating big cities can be too.l spent a lotta yrs on my own growing up and walking the streets alone or hopping trains for something to do and even then it amazed me that l could often just be so alone.

l moved t country areas when l left later on and l'm pretty isolated in the town l'm in now again, yrs and yrs later, nother story . But wierd how l often think l miss the city yet l'd probably be far more alone down there, dunno. Smaller towns are friendly l must admit compared , sometimes that can actually be the problem but then , maybe not eh.

l'm sorry your in the sitch Caravan , just wondering , seems your probably footloose and fancy free , do ya like the city , could try a change of pace and maybe a regional town.

Anyway all the best and l hope things pick up.

Hey Random agree with what you said & also though forums & internet can be company for many that are lonely too, lot of people arent comfy out amongxt people.

Yeah very hard thing loneliness, im not usually although have lot of love & friends have been esp lost beautiful partner nearly 3yrs ago it hits hard going through grieving.

All these people 6.8 billion and so many lonely bods. Crazy isnt it.

Take care ☺

Thanks Caravan. I also hope your situation changes for the better. Very scary feeling. The thought of me spending the rest of my life so alone empty so quiet worries me so much. I'm holding on to the tiniest amout of hope for a life partner! The man of my dreams just walk into my life and take all my loneliness away lol

Im trying not to give up anyway..... Hoping for the best for you 😀😀

Thank you demonblaster 🙂 Sometimes being so lonley it actually feels as if I'm the only person in the world....

Hi Ellie and thanks for the welcome ☺ I have tried counselling joined groups volunteer work etc no luck yet sadly 😢

Thanks dm and l'm sorry about things with you , and life's , caravan and everyone else.

you remind me of myself in a way life's , sorta what l need more than anything when l'm ready . l was married then later an incredible thing with someone new but it hasn't worked out .

l wonder now if l'll be lucky enough to ever have it again but it's the partner l miss.

l know a few people here , both married though , got a bro and sis also 20mins awya,get a few invites but l just don't have the interest mostly, l'm more a relationship person than friends person , for some strange reasons friends in RL just don't cut it for me. think l enjoy internet friends more, less intrusive.

Hey Random. Sorry that your also in this situation. Like you a relationship is what I want most. I'd like friends but having someone to share the rest of my life with is what I really want. I was also married together he left 4 years ago now and I've been so alone ever since. I'm sure I'm going to spend whatever times left on my own. It's a daily worry 😢

My ex had put me through alot of hell. I developed severe depression and anxiety spent alot of time recovering and getting life back on track and have been ready for a special someone for a while now but I'm fearing that it just won't happen. I've tried many ways to meet friends and tried the horrible online dating thing which I will never do again. I won't give Up hope life is full of surprises. I hope your lucky enough to find someone special again Random 😊

hey life, and god l hear ya. we separated 5yrs now, divorced 3, can't believe l made it through the first 2yrs. l tried the online thing too later about 3yr mark, made me puke, got away from it then later just accidentally met gf in the divorce forum l was in and we got together..

lt was all instant, just a crazy beautiful instant thing , l felt like ex wife did me a favor. but there was lots of complications and nearly 2yrs, no can work out sadly, everything feels hopeless now, like l had this incredible thing handed to me by the gods, a 2nd chance in life, but now it's lost. l dunno.

lt's good that you've allowed yourself this time life, so many out there aren't ready and it comes along but they're still too messed up.You've done the right thing for yourself don't worry and now when it comes a long hopefully everything is in it's right place for you eh.

the loneliness is a killer though isn't it , but l'm a weird mix, friends, l dunno, l like a little bit of casual contact but if they're around to much or start inviting too much, l feel like my world's messed with , no that l have much of a workd right now, you'd think l'd be grateful , but l dunno , just don't like too much of it.

But l do love the partner life , call me codependent haha, l don't care, it's just what l like . Still , as J was just saying in my thread , you just never know what's around the corner though life, hey. l dunno if l believe the thing where stuff happens for a reason , but yaknow , maybe if we're lucky one thing might lead to another for us eh.

all the best , hang in there , and to everyone else too.

I'm sorry that didn't work out for you. I hope you get another chance at love. Everyone deserves happiness.