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So lonely i feel ill

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Just hoping for some help i am in absolute despair. I'm completely lonely, have no family and no friends. My loneliness is literally killing me and i don't know what to do anymore. Although i tried to get out there and do things but nothing works and no one to connect with. I feel like i don't exist and nobody sees me. As a 39 year old male, making friends is becoming impossible. I'm too scared to spend the rest of my life like this...
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Fringe fantastic post thx for that info & being so caring xx

Life Caravan probs doesnt mind though, they'd know we're here for them, its nice chatting away & when they come back we're here, I was thinking for your sake moreso 🙄

I did see that thread so I'll jump in but if I don't land there we've got here too

Thx Random, sux what crap people have to endure & majority of pain's safe to say from people being (hav to be bit of a lady here, dammit lol) p..r..atts, little play there 😄 with words

Caravan how ya goin, you've got some good company here so hope you're up to coming back & getting to know eachother more, no not RL but still real people xx

Take easy all 😊

Community Member
I live in the country, no transport, no family or friends. I just exist. I am so lonely. I just live in my bedroom watching TV. I am really just over everything.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Noelsy welcome to Beyond Blue.

I'm sorry you don't sound as though you're at all in a good place atm. I'm glad you've come here it's a safe place with supportive caring people who understand pain.

I'd like you to have an opportunity to get support and to be less alone.

I suggest the best way you can achieve this is to start a thread of your own where you can open up as much or little as you feel comfortable with.

To do this if you go to ..

  • All posts
  • Welcome and orientation
  • On the R) hand side you'll see a new thread button.

This way people know you're new and you'll have a better chance at meeting more people and to get support.

There are 5 Red buttons above the sections that can give you an idea of how it all works here and the rules.

Sometimes some posts can take a while to go through. You might be interested in checking out other threads either reading or supporting if you feel up to it.

I hope you find here can be of good comfort to you as it is for so many.

Wishing you all the very best Noelsy ☺