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Anger issues im struggling to deal with

Community Member
Im all of a sudden feeling snappy and angry at anything and everyone. I have no idea what has started this ongoing anger or if its always been there but its only now that its finally gotten so bad. Someone please help
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear SoccerStar0421~

When I've been unreasonably angry and bitten people's heads off for no good reason it has been because life has given me more than I can cope with and I'm so preoccupied with worrying about things there does not seem to be any room left in my thoughts to deal with people's comments and questions.

Very unfair on them as they probable have very good intentions and are often just expressing concern for me.

Is there anything in your life that is giving you a great deal of stress or hassles at the moment?

Apart from that I think it would be a good idea to see your GP and explain what is happening. Ask to be tested for depression and anxiety and take it from there. If it turns out to be a very temporary response to current events in your life no harm done, and if there is an underlying problem it can be addressed.

I do have underlying problems and could not improve until I had proper medical help.

Do you have people around you who you can talk with? Sometimes that too can be a big help.

Please let us know what you think


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello SoccerStar0421, can I welcome you to the site and thanks for posting your comment.

Anger can be tricky because it could be covering up other issues, so it's a way of dealing with a situation when you don't know why it's actually happening.

You fear losing control, maybe being in trouble, getting hurt, being afraid of something you know could happen or it's unknown.

The list is endless, so please come back and talk with us.