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I always do things ass about

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My first introduction thread after being here FOREVER..... because I always do things backwards...

Velvz. Bipolar.... type? Not sure. I walked out of the psychiatrists office the day he tried putting me on more meds. That was a decade ago.

Anxiety issues. OCD issues. Occasional SH concerns. Checkered history of substance abuse.

I manage for the most part by exercising, good healthy food and good sleep practices. Substances these days are 3 drinks maximum and I'm rat assed.

I work full time. Study part time. Bought my own house years ago. On my own. Ok the bank helped lol!!! Most days for me are 10-14 hours depending. That's work and study and house things and exercise.

At the moment I'm struggling because I believe I've burnt myself out and pushed myself into hypomania. I'm all over the shop. Been here before but no psychosis stuff. Woo.

Oh man I don't know what else to say. No kids. Love kids. But conscious decision not to have my own. Love men. But sadly I'm intolerant to relationships after a while. Moody 😁😁

Animals and music are my passions.

Yeh so..... **** awkward silence***


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Now I can find you.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Velv,

I have seen you around the forums. She of the wonderful sense of humour with a bold, independent, spirited streak that comes across in your posts.

Just say what you want to say and pause when/if you feel like it too; it's your thread 😉

I totally hear you on music and animals being your life's passions. With you 100% on both counts!

Pepper xo

Oh, enjoy all your friends that are about to come to you.

I could squeeze you to pieces.

Aweeee pepper and Dory thank you.


yeh I read your hint in class this am Dory and chuckled... took all day to do this because of feeling so yukky.

I did very little in class too lol.... way too Blaryhhhh feeling.

your squishes are appreciated and returned squishy like


Hey Velvet my friend

Wow your own thread ! So Dory finally wore you down - she's a persuasive little 🐟

Nice to know a bit more about you - but already knew all I needed to- kind , compassionate, funny, animal lover


It's so good to know you are a nuta(ok fishing spelling)

like us 🤣😂🤗🤣😂

ok I will try and be fishing normal 🐸

You are not a yucca plant ,

This old fart is going to bed.

You have made my week.

Thank you Dory for believing in me.

Im having a rant. I'm sick to F..... of being a "good friend" (direct quote from last night) to people when no one is there for me.

I listened and helped a friend last night for 2 hours on the phone. While earlier this week she ignored my little reach out.

i mean SERIOUSLY.... next time "who cares" will come out of my mouth. No one knows or cares to F ing know what I'm going through this week. Bad meds - ditched today. A virus. Plus life stuff. Plus my bf hurt me and angered me beyond belief.

F today!!!


You make me smile Dory because we seem similar.

I had a rant here this am. No sign of it. Must've been too non PC.



Well fry me too,

I just wrote an epic and deleted it💩

Gotta cook tea for all my mongo family,

I be back