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Competition- How many? Winner announced on Monday

Community Member

Hi all, just thought of this old game where you look at a jar full of something, then guess how many is in the jar ..., I always liked trying to count whatever it was from all angles. I remember counting coloured Jellybeans and another one with marbles. This one is a photo of marbles in one of those 1kg flour containers. If one turns it around one would see all different sized marbles in the container.

Well feel free to guess as many times as you like.

The winner will be announced on Monday.

I attempted to turn the photo around, but could not work it out. Anyway not to worry.....

Guess away!

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Hi Lyn. How has your hubby been post hip replacement and all the post op drama's?

Hi Shelley, hope your day has been a good one?

My next guess - 96

Community Member

Hi Lyn and T,

You are both getting further away from the amount.


My day has been a good one T, ahh thanks for asking.

My guess is ........... 72

Go higher T, go higher.....

Shell xx

How about .... 81

Community Member

So far the guess of 156 is the closest given by T, next coming in second place is Lyn with the guess of 137.

Hint....It surprised me how many marbles were actually in there.

Guess higher, guess higher!

Oh really! There I was thinking I had started way too high. First thoughts are usually the best right?


Good Morning dear T,

Keep going higher and higher!

shell xx

Good morning Shelley.

Higher? Really? Okay then.


That is kind of you both to play along T and Lyn. I do feel disappointed and a bit sad that there is no other competition for you both though. And a bit silly for posting the whole thing....

Anyway the amount is above 200