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Hi All,

For many people Easter is a 4 day long weekend. For some of us it is a very special Christian celebration and time of recognition.

The stores will probably be getting ready for Christmas now! Ha. Ha.

Our little town is chock o block with cars, caravans and trucks all trying to get through to the Riverland and beyond. The traffic in the main street was at standstill when I tried to get home after Church.

Tonight we are having our nieces and their boyfriends here for dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

Do any of you have happy memories from Easter's past?

The infants at our school all made baskets and put them out in the garden. The "Easter Bunny" would hop past the windows, we all saw his ears, then we would run out and find our baskets filled with Easter eggs.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, no matter how you decide to spend it.

Cheers, from Mrs. Dools

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Mrs Dools and happy Easter to you,

Funny about the shops getting ready for xmas, I saw them putting out Mother's Day cards last week.

Last night my eldest daughter and i put easter eggs in the park for a treasure hunt this morning for the little one. My neighbour brought his 2 girls across so they helped find some eggs. I remember in primary school there would be bunny footprints throughout the halls after lunch and eggs to be found. Last year our local cafe was open the morning of easter sunday and they had bunny footprints leading up to the door. I was not expecting that, it was so beautiful.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter.

cmf x

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Champion Alumni
hello Mrs. Dools, a Happy Easter to you and to those who appreciate this time of the year. Geoff.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Mrs Dools

Happy Easter Bunnies to you too 🙂


Just Sara
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Champion Alumni

Happy Easter to you Mrs D! And to everyone else too!!

When we were kids, we found Easter mugs with a chocolate egg in it under our beds on Sunday morning, as well as a new pair of flannelette PJ's for the Winter.

We didn't complain our gifts weren't big enough either. Aunties and Uncle's came to visit (or we visited them) with more treats and we got to play with our cousins.

On Good Friday, a big lunch of fish and salad was the norm. That night we'd watch 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' on TV.

Yesterday this was held at my Mum's and was a nice day with all the family.


Happy easter everyone ❤