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Competition- How many? Winner announced on Monday

Community Member

Hi all, just thought of this old game where you look at a jar full of something, then guess how many is in the jar ..., I always liked trying to count whatever it was from all angles. I remember counting coloured Jellybeans and another one with marbles. This one is a photo of marbles in one of those 1kg flour containers. If one turns it around one would see all different sized marbles in the container.

Well feel free to guess as many times as you like.

The winner will be announced on Monday.

I attempted to turn the photo around, but could not work it out. Anyway not to worry.....

Guess away!

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How can anybody accumulate over 200 marbles?

Okay let me have another look at that picture of yours, and reassess.

No ... not silly at all Shell. I'm having some fun anyway. And it looks like I might even win something, just for a change.


Hi All,

Fun idea Shell!

My guess is 256.

Marbles are great in a tub you can soak your feet in. As you are soaking your feet, rub your feet over the marbles. Very relaxing!

If you have a cat, let them loose with some marbles! It can be hilarious!

Cheers all Mrs. D

Ah now you are getting closer, good one!

And thanks for your kind words T. Happy tears. And I am glad you are having fun. It does my heart good to hear that. These marbles belong to my son, he used to play and collect them.

ohh Mrs D , a very good first guess there, but it is not the amount.

And a good massage for ones feet there, I have heard of that before.

Nope 🙂

No? Okay up or down Shell?

I will try .......


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hmm!! 251??!!

Hubbys hip is great now. Thankyou for asking.

Now the other one is getting sore! It's not happening! It's NOT happening!!

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Shell,

If it is not too late, I will go 313 marbles.

Thanks for this bit of fun.

Cheers Mrs. D

Coming in with a late bid


Community Member

Hi Mrs D, Taurus and Lyn...

I have to tell you I got muddled up with the numbers. I should not of said nope to Taurus there with one of her guesses. My hubby offered to count all the marbles as he just enjoys doing that sort of thing.


Here is the announcement, the winner is our dear Taurus. So well done to you! Clap....clap...clap and yeah...yeah...yeah to you Taurus. She actually guessed the exact amount in the jar which was 238.

More claps to you and a big hug.

Shell xx