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Poet's corner

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Im no poet but i think its a intresting subject to see or express how we feel within words. I wont start as it takes time for me but if any of you feel the need to put something down please do so. A song or a poem or just random words can bring relief. Who's up for it?
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A tittle and description will help to please.

Hi jonjr, thanks for reviving this great idea.  

We have a poetry corner thread (below), although it has been a bit quiet lately.  Please feel free to have a read through and see if it gets the creative juices flowing:

The poetry corner - post your poems in here

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Tittle : seeing home


Im here not there not in my space

Not in my correct home, not in my place

The place i belong seems so far away.

To far to touch. To far to be real. Its always to much.

I dont recall how it feels to be me... I cant touch with my hands ,i carnt feel.

To grab on to , to hold it tight. To remember how real it felt without any fight.

My home my family. The place i belong, lost in my head like it dosent belong.

I see it, its almost there. Just within range .just a stretch. Just a lurch. Always in vein

I can see my home, the place i belong, i just need to hold on. Before i know it i will be home.