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Beyond Blue Home Improvement Thread

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Champion Alumni
Hi everyone. I'm Geoff and have been a dedicated Volunteer on the forums for 13 years. I am proud to have stopped some of the stigmas that are associated with mental health as well as doing my best to help others too

Before my health went south I was a builder in all aspects of home construction and renovation. If you don't have a handyman around I hope I can offer you some tips that may be of help. I have had many years of experience in home renovation and will do my best to help you out if you are stuck and need some advice

I hope my experience may be of help to the people on Beyond Blue and make their life a little bit better. Even if you need help with the most basic painting job or putting up a shelf I can help there too with some tips

I will do my best to get back to anyone that has a question when I can as this is social yet important thread

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Hi Geoff,

Thanks so much for starting this thread - terrific idea. Thanks also to Tony for offering to help. I've recently moved back into the family home (alone) after renting for the last 27 years - lots of bits and pieces to do around the house. I'm absolutely clueless - I can hammer in a nail - that's the extent of my home handywoman skills. Quite sure I'll be back for advice fairly soon.


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Blue Voices Member

Great thread Geoff,

i like to potter around and do things myself, so this will come in handy.


hello LH, the nails these days aren't what they used to be like, they bend easily and there are houses up where I live in an old section of the town, where the wood is so hard you have to drill a hole before you can ever think about using a hammer, a smaller hole in diameter than the nail. Geoff.

Oh Geoffrey!

How marvellous! Your response was just what the dr ordered. Will test over the weekend and let you know. I have quite a few cracks and 'wounds' to fill prior to painting. Not looking forward to undercoating if I need to as it means double the work.

I'd like to paint it a navy blue with white trim. It'll freak the neighbours out, but hey, it's what I like. They'll just have to get used to it.

Thanks again; (and thanks to your friend for the suggestion)

Miles of smiles...

Sez x

Gday Geoff , fantastic idea mate and thanks to you and tony,

l'm fairly handy, renoed a few houses and l'm doing my new old place right now and there's always something l need to know so l'm gonna be lovin this thread and picking your brain haha , matter of fact , got a bit of an issue right now when you get a minute.

The house had a very shitty small front room because the weather had been getting into it for yrs but it also gets great sun so l've ripped out the walls to build a deck out of it.

Thing is , the floor was buggered too so l had to take that out too in the end and put in all new floor rails and joists , is that the right word, anyway , for a new floor.and also a new post to support the old roof section that was left, only bit of the whole room l saved actually.

Turned out the old room use to be an old deck before and with weather that front part of the house had sunk on the blocks a bit so l had to jack that wall up level again too first and all my levels were starting to get me confused.

So when l put in the new floor rails and then put on the new boards, l messed up. And the new deck boards running up to the front door now sit about 15ml above the front door bottom board , what's that called you know the heavy board they put under the door . floor level.

So now with heavy rain and wind , rain will blow in all the way to the front door and because the new deck boards are 15ml higher, the water runs inside a bit under the door.

Been trying to figure out how l can level the under the door board with the new deck boards and stop the water coming in. Any ideas ?

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Hi Geoff , I have a question of that is okay.

We have a dining table constructed from solid teak timber. The problem is it has like marks and stains on it from coffee cups and oily food stuffs. It is not varnished so everything seems to soak into it or something. I actually do not like that glossy varnish look. I prefer the natural timber look and natural colour.

Anyway I was thinking to sand it back some and then possibly rub some bees wax into it. What do you think, would the bees wax protect it? Or is there something else out there more suitable? And if sanding is the way to go, like what sand paper would I use? Like I know there is different types of sand paper.

thankyou Geoff

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Geoff

What a crackerjack thread Geoff as well as your kindness to offer your knowledge to others too!

If I can ask you....I have a double garage with Colorbond trim above the cement sheeting profile. The metal trim is in cream. I am thinking about buying some Dulux Weathershield in charcoal. If I clean the Cream Colorbond trim do you think Dulux Weathershield will stick to the colorbond?

I know this may simple to many people but its not to me. Im a bit stuck...actually very stuck and have no idea what I am doing at all!

Only when you can Geoff...I know you are busy with new posters

My Best


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I do not want you to feel stressed or anything Geoff, so I am happy to wait patiently in the line. All cool with me...


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Champion Alumni
hi Paul, I'll do the easy first, absolutely just give it a good clean, if you don't clean it, it will flake off eventually. Geoff.

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Blue Voices Member
Thanks Geoff. I suppose it's hard to believe I've never used a drill - honestly! I've banged a few nails in over the last couple of weeks and have noticed they're a bit bendy Have my work cut out for me, don't I? LH