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Breaking the cycle

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So my whole life has been depression and anxiety. Since I was a child I've been surrounded by it. Parents,grandparents,aunty's, uncles my siblings and then the last 15 years I've been fighting my own  battle. But when I hit 30 2 years ago my battle became a full on war. Seeing my 8 year old suffer anxiety and procrastination is breaking my heart. So I finally have a goal in life and that is to fix myself so I can "break the cycle" because I feel that everything I say and do influences my children and I can't let it keep going for their sake. Probably sound ridiculous but I'm going to try

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I think it's amazing you're able to identify these issues early on and can help your child have the best go at living a rich fulfilling life.

I'm only now fully understanding and putting language to my anxiety in my late 20s. It's something that's been with me since childhood but I never knew what it was, why I was procrastinating etc.

Having an informed and supportive parent is such an asset to your 8 year old. I love that being a healthy role model is motivating you to improve your own mental health. There is nothing ridiculous about what you've said. It's grounded and achievable. Wishing you the best and thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a blessing in disguise when I logged in this morning. 🙏  also good for you for finding your language. Now that you understand what's happening, you too can find the tools you need to get through. The hard part for me is now to figure out where to start 🤔.  We got this xxx