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Please help - I have epilepsy, am self employed in a very high-stress industry

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Hi. I am really struggling to keep it together. I have epilepsy, am self employed in a very high-stress industry, can't drive now because of a seizure, losing money and my relationship with my fiance is struggling. I feel like a failure every.single.day. It seems like my friends and family are all off doing so well with life and work and I'm drowning. I feel like I should close shop on my small business and get a regular job because the stress and pressure is too much, but I couldn't handle the embarrassment. The failure of running a business into the ground. I don't feel like anything is going right. I am meant to get married next year but every time I think of it I just want to cry. I'm so stressed. So tight for money. So, helpless. I have seen so many psychologists and therapists. Their 'coping' strategies only work for a short period of time. The talking only gets me so far. Been on anti depressants and they don't work. I feel sick. I hate myself. What should I do?
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Fauna,

You sound drained and overwhelmed. I can only imagine the stress and pressure that you must be under...I feel it’s a lot...

I think financial struggles often seriously affect a person’s mental health, because it affects so many aspects of our lives. I really feel for what you’re going through...

I think that I get what you’re saying about mental health professionals. While they certainly have their place and can be helpful in many ways, they usually can’t directly help with practical matters like financial issues...

So I wonder if you’ve maybe considered looking up Salvation Army, Anglicare, etc for financial advice and financial relief/assistance. I hope it’s okay for me to gently suggest that to you...

Kind and caring thoughts,


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I understand I am a grand mal epileptic and have struggled with since age eleven. I really feel for you because many times I have been in hospital with my seizures. I also can not drive because of my seizure.  For me it was a journey of acceptance and always realising I can only change what i can control. The thing is you must remain positive and focus on a positive mind set. What helped me was that I started reading books on buddism that taught me the concepts of compassion, acceptance, forgivness. You must focus on a positive mindset. It was very disappointing when I found out I can get my licence. 


What I did was I focused hard  on what I can do and I realised I can write so I jioned Toastmasters and I focused my energy on what I can change to make my life better and focus on positive goals. There is also meditation and teaching yourself to still the mind that has helped me control my feelings and thoughts. There is an author Ian gawler that has some brilliant meditation books.


Remember work on what you can control in life not what you can't


You will always be able to find help at beyond blue


Thank you and have a great day!!