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Epilepsy and bipolar

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I started having seizures after 40 for no reason. Specialist could not find the real cause other than I have bipolar. Which has nothing to do with it.  Speak soon

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Hello Anonny, having a seizure is nothing anybody would want to have, I've had many grand mal seizures and with this creates many other problems, unless it's controlled by medication, which mine is now.

I don't suffer from BP and don't know of any correlation between these two, so I can only comment on epilepsy which may happen for several reasons, too much alcohol, drugs or from an injury that happened a while ago, like concussion, a fever or perhaps something else.

Can I you if you have been put on medication to control this.


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Hi Geoff, really appreciate the response. I haven't had any seizures in a few years. I take anti-epileptics daily, which coincidently helps with BP. I had a severe concussion when I was 17 where I was in hospital. So basically the neurologist said combination of prior trauma, lack of sleep and low blood sugar (playing basketball in the morning) all just contributed. Bizarre to me because I've been through so many purely psychological issues. 

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How are you feeling

I wanted to let you know I have both bipolar and epilepsy and have had it all my life what I do is I have changed my my diet to the meditarian diet which has helped. I totally understand the manic episodes are a pain in the neck but I have come to acceptance that they happen to me. There is a journey of acceptance of my condition it was hard but I did eventually come to terms with it. At the moment for my epilepsy I use a medication but please ask your doctor if this is a possibility for you.


You think after being diagnose with my conditions I gave up well I didn't. I made a chioce to get up everyday and keep striving for a better more positive life. I cycle 40min and eat correctly. The most imporant thing is a positive mindset and looking to the future not the past.


My grand mal epilepsy is exstremely difficult everytime it happens but I always trust that it will work out and I don't have fear and negative thoughts about it. I found these buddism books on acceptance, compassion and forgivness. They art theart of happiness and the book of joy by the dalia lama that made me realise and come to terms of my bipolar and epilepsy. 


I hope you can find peace and harmony in your life soon


You have a chioce to rise and face your adversity and never let your difficulties defeat you


You can always find help at beyond blue


Have a wonderful and special day!!