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Difficulties Understanding Treatment

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Counsellors and psychologists to whom I have spoken have told me to identify my long term goals and strive for their achievement. But my attempts have been unsuccessful because I lack the practical skills for achievement and that has caused me greater dissatisfaction than before I attempted to achieve the goals. What is the reason for this strategy and why are counsellors and psychologists unwilling or unable to give me practical advice?

I identified the technical topic most interesting to me, looked for collaborators, and asked for support to pursue my interest. I found only two people in Australia with similar interests and believe they are unwilling to collaborate with me because by discrediting me their circumstances will improve. The feedback I received about my requests for support is that the topic is not relevant to society. Instead I am expected to perform a job for which I am imperfect and therefore I am excluded because my processes and ideas are different to the industry. Is it true that society's objective is for greater normality and what is the reason for such a strange aspiration? Why does society reject people who are different? Why does society not allow me to pursue my individual interests and talents? What is the purpose of living if society has no use for my talents and the role that society would have me fulfil causes me trauma?

I was told that independence will not cause me long term satisfaction. Yet, as I have tried unsuccessfully for more than ten years to form a friendship, I question this assertion. The prevailing strategy suggested to me for gaining friends is to participate in activities I enjoy as there I am most likely to meet others with similar interests and beliefs. What is the purpose of living if society directs me to one outcome but it cannot provide the means to achieve that outcome? Surely independence is a far more effective solution.

I'm pretty sure I am lonely. I would like to have a friendship or at least feel welcome in society. But my efforts never seem to work. People make suggestions but I must be special because they don't work for me. The harder I try, the more independent I become, because my methods appear stranger to others, and the less liked I become. I really don't understand the society in which I live. I wish I wasn't so sad.

I often cry uncontrollably and am unable to sleep when I realise I will not achieve my desires and there is nothing I can do about it. My life is apparently meaningless.

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Dear P12~

I have not read all your thread so do not know all you circumstances. I may have worded thngs poorly, if so I apologize. There is no way I would say physical pleasures are unimportant or should be avoided. They a a very normal healthy part of life.


I can't talk about the after-life, all I can go on is the question I have to ask myself, in 100 years who is going to care, so why do my best? I conclusion I came to is that we are given life, and life is a journey in itself -not some sort of waiting room -  and attempting to live it to one's standards is the most important thing whilst alive. That in no way precludes either physical or intellectual pleasures, both of which can indeed give joy, but does also include kindness, reliability and honesty.


I'm not sure if I've answered that question, I hope so. I do not think it is in any way contrary to your beliefs, just talks about when one is alive.


I do not know how one makes friends, and I'd expect after 20 pages in this thread you will have been given all sorts of answer's. Mine have come about though circumstances and luck. I was trying to say one can have a very good relationship wiht someone that at fist sight does not seem appropriate.


It is easy for computer dating sites to 'match' people due to their stated wishes and beliefs, and that may be restricting matters too much. For example my wife has religious faith , I do not. However she is an adult human being wiht as many brains as me -if not more- and I accept the matter. It applies all though different tihngs, but does not harm the relationship, we are still in love after umpteen years.


We accept we are different.


I was trying to say that if you have built up imaginary people in your mind then they are created by you alone. In real life people may not be what you anticipated and that may lead lead to disappointment or the reverse, pleased supprise.