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Too nurse for religion, too religious for nursing

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I am an emergency nurse and a Christian. My religious friends don't seem to understand the struggles and experiences of being an ED nurse, yet none of my colleagues seem to be religious. Does anyone have any advice on how to connect or belong to either/both groups? I like my job, but I am struggling a lot emotionally lately with being able to connect and feel useful for either group.

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Community Champion

Hello Dearl Names_Bo

A very warm and caring welcome to our forums..


Firstly I would like to thank you for choosing to become a nurse, looking after and caring for people who are in need of some love, care and help in there times of need…


I think nursing and being a Christian is one of the hardest things for anyone to do….You not only look after peoples physical health but also your religious belief, helps them by giving their soul peace in their most vulnerable state….You’ are an awesome and beautiful person and  extremely useful in both groups…


I volunteer in a charity shop, where most of my colleagues are not religious, they know I am and they respect that….yet we all get along really well…In my heart I know who I am, what I believe in and I will always be that person, regardless of my colleagues or friendships…When I’m at work we talk about anything, except religion and faith…to me that’s okay..because everyone is different and has different beliefs or non beliefs…That’s who they are, I love and care for them as the persons they are…and do enjoy there company…


Not sure Dearest Names_Bo…if I helped you or not…What I am trying to say is…to stay true to yourself..enjoy the company of your colleagues regardless of what their beliefs are…I can feel through your words that you have a beautiful heart and soul….your colleagues would also feel this when working by your side or interacting with you….


My kindest thoughts Dear Bo, with my care…and respect.





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Hello Names_Bo   I was with my daughter in Ed again yesterday and see how hard and intense it is for you all. I saw many challenging interactions with distraught patients and how the nurses were calm and carried on with their job and with caring.  Please hold on to your faith - you will have at some stage an unexpected chance to say that your faith sustains you. This has happened to me a few times in conversations and I then unexpectedly find others around me with some faith also. It sounds like a remote chance, but truly, it does happen. Bless you in keeping your faith. 


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Community Champion

Dear Names_Bo~

I'd like to join Grandy and Loiseau in welcoming you here to the Forum, it's a good place to come to seek other views when life seems not to have a clear direction.


After reading your post I'm not entirely sure that the divisions you sense come from your Christian beliefs.  Two members of my family have been ER nurses, and I was a policeman. In both our professions we not only see the most harrowing matters one can imagine, but sometimes the best that people can be.


This view of life is not one ordinary people are exposed to, your experiences are closer to the very basis of life than most will ever encounter, and as a result they really have no foundation to understand or even empathize with your thoughts and feelings . If you like to tihnk to it this way your beliefs have been very much tested, theirs maybe not to the same extent. You have grown.


Once you realize your position is more unique perhaps it will be easier to have confidence in your faith.


ED Nurses and other staff are often part of teams, and then it is the ability to contribute to the tasks of the  moment in a timely, skillful and reliable manner that counts. This of course comes with a lot of practice. Then you are accepted.


While many of your colleagues may not share your religious beliefs I would imaging if you looked they would often be in exact alignment wiht them -as you could tell by actions (charity, compassion, a desire to help, giving) . Please don't be put off by interactions in the quieter moments full of black humor and disrespectful jokes, it is actions that count.