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Three things to be thankful for today

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Some days it is really hard to find anything to be thankful for when we feel overcome by the darkness and fog of depression. If I look hard enough, I can find something to be thankful for.

I would like to encourage others to write down three things they are thankful for, and to realise there is a sense of hope available to us all. Sometimes it is just a little hard to find!

So my three things for today are:

1: The lovely singing of birds in the morning as they welcome in the new day

2: The ability to read and write

3: A lovely hot shower.

Wishing all the "family" in BB Land a day full of noticing the nice things in life. Kind regards to you all, from Dools.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Friends helping me look for my phone, alas no luck.

family wanting to stay in touch

learning to listen to the body

Community Champion
Community Champion

The man at the waste disposal site helped me unasked to unload a great many squashed cardboard boxes and newspapers, a task I was unequal to

My partner unhesitatingly jumps in to help, even missing out on things in the process, to look after me.

I'm starting to look back after the death of a close friend and take pleasure in some of the memories, reducing the feelings of loss.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
  • accepting counselling as beneficial to my health instead of being in denial
  • my beautiful huge rescue dog Prince....Half Chow/German Shepard..65 kilos...ouch!
  • my mum who is doing well and still smokes 50 cigarettes a day at 91 years of age...her LFT is fine 🙂

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

good one Paul.... i know what you mean about not being in denial. major accomplishment

thankful for -

clean sheets

help being offered - so i don't need to ask

hot milo

Hey Sleepy.....thankyou 🙂

clean sheets...hot milo..spot on!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Today I am thankful for:

- my job

- my dad

- the feeling of bare feet on grass

Today I'm thankful for:-

1. The gift of Life.

2. Tree loppers pruning trees an a big clearup before the cold weather settles in.

3. Had a good laugh with a friend.

Community Member

Good morning all, hope you are doing ok today.

Today I am thankful for,

- SLEEP and it's power of good (I often struggle with it, but last night slept 7 hours!!!!!)

- HEALTH (three of my close family members are facing serious illness at the moment, and so I am more grateful than ever that my body is still strong)

- THIS THREAD, thanks to the creator of this thread, I find the exercise useful, as it makes me sit and think about the positives. Even on days that have been a bit rubbish, it buoys me a little. Thanks

Community Member

Hello and thankful for today is 1. nice hot cups of tea. 2. nice warm clothes after an icy cold weather blast overnight. 3 nice hot good to eat.

Today I am grateful:

1) That my partner is now very happy after leaving a toxic workplace

2) That I am able to spend quality time with my family

3) For my health