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Meditation, Manifesting, Gratitude & The Law of Attraction

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

Not sure where to start so hope I can express myself clearly and maybe with others' input we can expand on this. I'm interested in people's thoughts/ experience with meditation, manifesting, gratitude & the law of attraction. I've recently started using the Smiling Mind app to meditate when going to sleep and sometimes when feeling a little anxious, like tonight. It is something i thought i could never do as my mind rarely stops, however, with persistence, I find I enjoy it. I guess i tend to have a negative mindset which I am determined to change.I always felt uneasy about thinking positive things as i thought i would jinx myself, and that whenever I made a positive comment or felt happy it would go wrong or something negative would happen. So i refrained from allowing myself to be too happy, I guess to 'protect' myself. Recently i have been feeling happier, stronger, expressing gratitude and taking note of when things have come to me when i needed them. Coincidence, or answers to what i put out to the Universe? I like to think the latter. A work colleague one day told me to manifest something i wanted, put it out to the universe , so I'm trying. Example, recently we needed to measure the floor space at reception so we could calculate how many people we could have in at one time. I needed a tape measure, which i did not have. At that moment our handyman walked into the office. Guess what he had? I am getting into the habit of practising positive thinking instead of thinking/expecting negatives. If something 'negative' does crop up, it can be dealt with, it's not the end of the world. I look for the positive in every negative situation. I am becoming more aware of being grateful for little things, things like getting a good car park at work, a warn cosy bed, a tidy house. I feel when i am expressing gratitude I am putting positive thoughts out into the universe and I notice more positives instead of focusing on negatives. Late last week we had internet issues at work and a colleague i found a little annoying. I've been feeling very drained, agitated, negative for a few days. This morning things were not running smoothly for me. A result of my negative mind perhaps? Little things became a big deal, my morning was crap. If i look back, it wasn't really an issue, i just did things in a different order which gave me more relax time this evening. The Law of Attraction, positive thoughts, positive experiences.

What are your thoughts?

cmf x

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear CMF

I LOVE this stuff. Thank you for starting this thread!!!!

Your story is great so far - do go on!

I have experiences with the Law of Attraction. I ALWAYS drive into full carparks & chant out loud "There's always a park for the ________ family" & there it is. lol.

I put together a Dream Folder about 10y ago, It's a set miracles to behold. We were dirt poor with a horrible criminal here pretending to be my H. I put in pictures of all the wonderful places on earth that I wanted to visit. I drew a BIG MAN full of love & laughter (I was hoping H would become this 'man' but God / The Universe had better plans for us). Horrible H scoffed at me publicly every chance he could about this Dream Folder & all else - I just kept on. I added pictures of lovely new kitchen appliances & furniture.
On the title page I drew a Genie with a speech bubble that said "Your wish is my command".
On the last page I wrote "And God has imagined it better than I ever could" - because hey why limit ourselves?

All my children made their own Dream Folders with all sorts of wonderful electronic gadgets etc lol. I just realised that THIS WEEK I will be getting all the beautiful brand new whitegood appliances that were represented in that folder. Um wow. But I HAVE met the big man lol & it was NOT H - the opposite in EVERY way fact. I DID get & RECEIVE new furniture, in miraculous ways.

Now I HAVE been to those beautiful places on earth that I put in my folder. Far more...

I had to go through a period of destruction to get to here. I had NO ONE on my side but I had God.

Even during one Court case as I was Praying hard "God you're over this situation..." and more, then in the huge big skylight of the Court room just as the Children's Barrister began to speak - IT LIT UP, the grey clouds passed & the sun shone brightly right on HIM. His voice was booming & the people behind us gasped at the sun & his voice & WORDS. He looked like Hagrid so was big & scary, but he spoke 100% for my side and even got told off by the Judge for speaking with such authority.
I pushed through with strong Faith. I won. FAR BETTER than I could have ever imagined myself.

About 30y ago I bought "Illusions" by Richard Bach and have gone through so many copies of this lol.

Dr Joe Dispenza shows us so much more.. I just got 2 more of his books last week and I CANNOT believe that Joe Dispenza runs his practice 25 miles from "our" apartment in Seattle. Omg astounding.

It works.
Love EM

Community Member

I love hearing about other people's stories of law of attraction but the only advice I'd give is be very specific about what you'd like into your life- a few years ago I asked the universe for a husband. . And all I got was married men hitting on me. Which I definitely didn't want!😂

I wanted a husband for myself; I'm not about to wreck someone else's marriage!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi lovely ladies ,

Thx for sharing your stories. I have had things happen but didn't realise until now that I had most likely manifested them as I know undetstand it better. I definitely realise now when the Universe is helping me. I will share more stories soon.

Cmf x

Community Member

thank-you so much for explaining your perception of positive thinking, gratitude and the law of attraction, it was greatly articulated!

I'm so happy for you that you have been able to enjoy meditate. I was the same I would also say I hated it because it was boring. Little did we know.... Its hard work changing mindset and requires alot of work, EVERYDAY! I find that some days it comes natually, I have a spring in my step, feeling grateful for the little things like the sun and my local park, whereas other days I am irritable, annoyed by everything my partner does and definitely not feeling "grateful".

Over time I have come to learn that I am a human, and its irrational for me to be happy and grateful all the time, to like everyone and be happy 24-7. Especially when around others that give off negative ungrateful vibes, it's so uncomfortable to be around, almost contagious. Do you believe you can be influenced by others moods?

Life is an up and down rollercoaster and something being positive can mean acknowledging the "negative" but knowing it won't be forever. Maybe this is something you could try when you find yourself drained, irritable or just being a negative Nancy. Be kind to yourself, not all days are easy, you not suppose to be full of energy every day all day, you are human.

It's nice to hear ecomama also drive into carparks wishing for spaces, as I do the same!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Leesy lou and welcome.

I have been thinking about manifesting and thought of a few things. About years ago we bought our house and the auctioneer was dynamic. In fact, he was so entertaining that we continued to go to auctions just to watch him, it was great entertainment. I've always had an interest in real estate and said 'one day, i'm going to work for that man'. Years passed and i found myself having kids and going back to jobs that i kne how to do. I really wanted to work as a receptionist, in real estate, but didn't feel i could do something different. After my 3rd child I once again stayed home to raise her (on my own). I thought about what i wanted to do when i went back to work and decided that it was time to do something i really wanted to do, not just something i knew how to do. I applied for many receptionist/admin jobs with no luck. I decided top just send my resume to real estate companies and express my interest in part time work. I had a few knock backs and many non responses. One Saturday night i sent my resume to the one of the companies that i had always wanted to work for. I received a call from one of the offices and was invited to have a chat. Two months later i was offered a job as a receptionist, part time. 1 day became 2 days and i am now there 3 days a week and sometimes 4. I am doing what i always dreamed of doing , for a company i always wanted to work for and guess who the CEO is? Yep, the auctioneer we bought our house from 20 years ago!

cmf x

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Bbydoll said:

I love hearing about other people's stories of law of attraction but the only advice I'd give is be very specific about what you'd like into your life- a few years ago I asked the universe for a husband. . And all I got was married men hitting on me. Which I definitely didn't want!😂

I wanted a husband for myself; I'm not about to wreck someone else's marriage!


Oh dear Bbydoll that's horrible but so funny too.

Yes be articulate about what you want.

Amanda Frances has the most enjoyable podcast about all this kinda stuff.... she's so funny. Well she makes me laugh anyway.

After my post here about the car parks I decided to take some data this week. 35 out of 35 (yeah I drive around lots). EVEN in seemingly full car parks in a major shopping centre a few times. THERE is my car space right out the front - it's so funny.

So why not put it 'out there' about EVERYTHING else?

BELIEVING we deserve it is very important. Of course we do and for no other reason than we all deserve abundance.
Knowing is necessary. I imagine it all already here.... as in the secret.

When everyone on earth told me to give up on a specific set of Court battles finished recently, I couldn't.
I Prayed to God and said "show me the way.... if I'm on the wrong track then push me off and if I'm on the RIGHT track then put the next helper in my path" and THE MOST perfect person to help me was literally put right in front of me - this happened so many times that my atheist neighbour became a "believer" lol. For 5y this happened.

I got the house, the kids, the dog, cat and chickens lol. And kept my great job, it's awesome.

Another critical part is to set our expectations of "it" and then get to work! The Universe or God doesn't expect us to sit on the lounge and eat hamburgers all day still 'expecting' - that looks more like overblown entitlement lol.

The Universe does respond to our upbeat mood in kind. When I'm feeling crappy I watch Comedies on ABC 2, ABC iView, Netflix or YouTube, do Self-Compassion things (because we ALL need compassion) and put on my GROOVIEST music to dance and sing loudly to. I'm positive my neighbours LOVE my playlist! lol. I own a great loudspeaker for the garden 😉

So now that you ask, sure I'll share the song I'm listening to now lol Groove is in the Heart by Deee Lite.

What are your upbeat tunes?

Love and abundance!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi CMF and everyone else

I truly love this thread. Very soulful.

I have people occasionally say to me 'You're obsessed with finding meaning in everything!' Guilty as charged. I find it's a great way of paying attention to detail and noticing all the amazing details that come our way. Whether it's a parking space, a handyman with a tape measure or the way the light magnificently enters into a room, these are the simple gifts many tend to miss. The ones that notice them look for the magic in life.

A couple of my favourite magical experiences:

  • Some time ago went to see a life coach who's a natural at tuning into life. Bit of a spiritual dude. Some of his advice, 'With all the mud and s*** people have thrown at you over time, you need to start washing off the mud so you can be the person you want to be. Forgive yourself for not being true to yourself, so as to please others'. On the way home, I pulled up to a red light. I laughed as I looked over to a large billboard with a washing powder add on it. It read 'Wash off the mud'. I swear the universe has a sense of humour
  • Again, sitting in traffic watching the cars and trucks go past, I can recall thinking in the moment 'How do I make this transition in my life, of major change?' Was going through a bit of a phoenix phase. As soon as I'd had the thought, 2 long trucks went past, one behind the other. First one had written on it in large letters 'Phoenix' and the 2nd had the word (company name) 'Grace'. The following day, was reading something which advised that the best way to go through any phoenix like stage of transformation is with grace

Needless to say, my favourite form of meditation involves meditating on inspiration. Also love meditating on the physical emotion of the body. So much attention given to mental emotion that the amazing forms of physical emotion are overlooked. The body is an incredible thing. Favourite physical emotion is 'chills', you know when something someone says 'rings true'.

EM, I love Joe Dispenza. I have all his books and can't wait for him to produce the next. My all time favourite is 'Becoming Supernatural'. Pretty mind blowing stuff. He's such an empowering man.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

I love this thread, what a find!

My experiences with the Law of Attraction include trying to attract coffee, fruit, or a hug every day. Small pieces of (often communal) joy that I can share with another person. Perhaps it's time to set the bar higher and attract acceptance into a Masters course?? Hmmm...

Keep it up guys, sending kindness!


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Yes! Hi every body!

I got chills reading your story of the Phoenix & with Grace most especially.

My grandfather owned a boat when I was very young, it was named The Phoenix. He often told me the story & it became ingrained in me.

Decades later when my children were completely devastated by the initial news of our family exploding & all that that meant to them. Don't worry that was THE BEST THING that could have ever happened for all of us in the end! I held them all sobbing their hearts out & didn't know what to say... then it came (yes the Universe has a sense of humour!) I said "Don't you worry, we are all devastated now but WE WILL RISE up out of the ashes like Phoenixes and SOAR so high then look down and say good riddance to bad rubbish" lol... I came undone a little at the end lol. But it was true.

HOLD ON when "the worst" things happen to us..... It's usually VERY clear later on that that was the BEST thing to happen. Some times our lives need a huge explosion to blow everything up to get the truth out, to lay paths out of the rubble for our BEST LIFE.

After NO ONE, on earth at least, would represent us with what we wanted... I kept seeking and I found the Angels that did, against all of their own understandings also.

Being in line with the Highest Good is also important - for me anyway. My intentions are never to manipulate for my own benefit or take from others. They are to love & protect precious others & gain what is rightfully ours.

ATM Mental HEALTH is my goal & it's a biggie! So many say you cannot recover from PTSD & the Anxiety I manifested as GAD.

But I was also told by every Medical Professional I saw that a wheelchair was my only option, in place of this I held on to visions of my own mobility & God had bigger plans. I do indeed climb trees, cut branches down, move heavy wheelbarrows etc lol! Before I knew of 'my own observer' & it's capacity to heal me, I was activating this power.

We ALL have this beautiful healing power. We can ALL be abundant in all spheres of our lives.

There IS ENOUGH for everybody, including YOU & EVERYBODY YOU LOVE.
It's not a competition. People don't have to go without for others to have more.

Love EM