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Small achievement you managed to do today....How did it make you feel? Did it help you feel better today?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi everyone..

Their are days when just getting out of bed is a huge achievement...Other days we can achieve things like washing up the dishes or clothes, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors..very mundane and automatic robot like chores for the mentally well...They do these chores without even thinking about them...for people struggling with their mental health..these are huge tasks...

Very often I’ll get my vacuum cleaner out to vacuum ...then it will sit their for days, me looking at it, walking over it...until I can get motivated enough to vacuum..after I do find the motivation to vacuum...I am pleased with myself...
Right now I have a small foot cycling peddle machine, sitting on my front veranda..I got it out last week..to start exercising..it’s still their, I’m still looking at it...My thoughts each night is I’ll use it for a few minutes tomorrow..

My car hasn’t been washed getting close to a year now I think...Today I did managed to wash it....and discovered that it has a nice shine on it.....I did it...I achieved something positive today..which made me feel better in myself...

Have you achieved a little something today...and how did it make you feel...If you want to share that achievement it might make other people a bit more motivated to achieve something they need/want to do..

Looking forward to hearing about your achievement....and how it made you feel..

Little steps and achievements can lead to bigger steps..and bigger achievements...

My kindest and most caring thoughts...everyone.

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I haven't spent the whole day hiding in bed - I managed to get up about 2pm... it was hard but feeling glad I did manage it...

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I'm just here for the positive vibes - love hearing about you all doing things 🙂

BTW Grandy you have such a great sense of humour -

"I’m sitting outside talking to you all and looking at the grass..Wishing it would start growing downwards and back into the seeds they come from"

Gave me a much needed giggle.

Thanks everyone x

I had a customer at volunteer work start to get a bit angry.

I smile and walked away instead of staying and been spoken to rudely.

I felt good I remained calm.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone...

Amberlite...I’m sorry you didn’t feel any satisfaction for the things that you done....sometimes it is hard to feel like you achieved something even when you did....I hope that you will feel even little bit’s of positive towards yourself....

Paws...It’s hard sometimes to get out of bed..you did it and you were glad that you did....Once you got up Paws, did you play with your beautiful Woofs, make something for you to eat and drink?....From that one one little achievement, others do seem to follow on....Very well done Paws...

Katy....Thank you for saying I have a good sense of humour...I am pleased that I gave you a much needed giggle....Umm, still not mowed...motivation for mowing is non existent..

Quirky....I can’t handle rude angry people, they trigger emotions in me and I need to get away or I’ll cry....Giving that angry person a smile and walking away stead of staying and having that person speak to you rudely is giving yourself some self care.....I can see 2 achievements you done..self care is very important ...and you did that by walking away....

Well done everyone...🦋🌹..

Kind thoughts with some caring hugs..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Sleepy...You are doing so good..small steps dear Sleepy....I hope you did make your bed so you can feel nice....but if you didn’t that’s okay...You still should be proud of getting out of bed...when you’re feeling very down.....it’s hard to do that.......I hope Sleepy that as the day ticked away the hours that you felt better and your day was okay for you....I can honestly say that my bed is very lucky if I make it all...

Hugs dear Sleepy with my kind thoughts..🦋🌹


Hi Sleepy

Sorry you've had a down day... sometimes when I was really low I used to feel better during the evening - I found the daylight made me feel worse.

I went to the shopping centre and bought myself a new long sleeve top for the cooler weather - I never spend time on myself anymore and I don't have much money to buy clothes - but I wanted to feel better about myself. So I bought a new pretty top for the winter! One small step towards caring for myself a bit better.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I ate healthy food all day.

Love EM

Community Member
I have had a bad week. Struggling, did the school run with grandson so fine when I have them but dang miserable today. Just got to make it till Monday and see the psychologist.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
took my vitamins 🙂 some cucurmin and vit c and d today.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone...

I am enjoying reading everyone’s achievements...

I haven’t achieved much over the past week...except getting out of bed...

Today I washed both my fur babies....huge and time consuming at least today I achieved something that I feel pleased about....

now I need to find some more motivation to brush them, once they are dry...maybe this afternoon....

please remember every achievement is one positive step for the day...

love and hugs...