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Small achievement you managed to do today....How did it make you feel? Did it help you feel better today?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi everyone..

Their are days when just getting out of bed is a huge achievement...Other days we can achieve things like washing up the dishes or clothes, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors..very mundane and automatic robot like chores for the mentally well...They do these chores without even thinking about them...for people struggling with their mental health..these are huge tasks...

Very often I’ll get my vacuum cleaner out to vacuum ...then it will sit their for days, me looking at it, walking over it...until I can get motivated enough to vacuum..after I do find the motivation to vacuum...I am pleased with myself...
Right now I have a small foot cycling peddle machine, sitting on my front veranda..I got it out last week..to start exercising..it’s still their, I’m still looking at it...My thoughts each night is I’ll use it for a few minutes tomorrow..

My car hasn’t been washed getting close to a year now I think...Today I did managed to wash it....and discovered that it has a nice shine on it.....I did it...I achieved something positive today..which made me feel better in myself...

Have you achieved a little something today...and how did it make you feel...If you want to share that achievement it might make other people a bit more motivated to achieve something they need/want to do..

Looking forward to hearing about your achievement....and how it made you feel..

Little steps and achievements can lead to bigger steps..and bigger achievements...

My kindest and most caring thoughts...everyone.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

well done EM

my small achievement today is getting out and going for a walk and a coffee when i felt pretty down.
I didn't like being outside today so just went up the road and made the goal smaller to do it.
Keep seeing the same characters on my walks and recognisig them - eg guy with bright bike shorts, woman with long hair, guy with large dog.
Also I spoke to my neighbour today which was a big achievement for me with social anxiety.

Today I made a zucchini slice , I don’t do much cooking .

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone...

Oops EM...My silly mind read wrong..I am really sorry..My eyes can see the words printed in front of me..then my brain scrambles them around a little and puts me way off the understanding of posts..it’s not the first time it’s happened..probably won’t be the last time either....silly me...

Sleepy...I hope you enjoyed your walk and coffee..it doesn’t matter how far or little we can manage when walking...I recently though okay I can do this...got out my front gate...walk maybe a dozen steps then returned home....I am so upset with myself that I just cannot walk out my front door, out my front gate..then down the street and back..When I told my counsellor about my teen weeny walk...her response was totally different that mine....She said to me..congratulations you walk 12 steps outside on your own...that’s an achievement I should be proud of..next time you feel up to walking...try to take even one more extra step...then eventually before I know it,.lill be walking to the corner and back....small steps do become bigger steps with persistence and want....Sleepy you done so well....

Hello Quirky...I Definitely am not a cook....My late husband stuck to the same meals over and over again....different recipes or food were not allowed in the house...I don’t cook much for me...usually something I can zap in the microwave..like those ready made meals...I think cooking a zucchini slice was a nice achievement..I have googled them since I listened to your post...and there’s a lot of preparation in getting them ready to cook..then cooking them...A very well done and yummy achievement lovely Quirky....I hope you enjoyed them...they do sound and look yummy...

I have to mow my lawns before Tuesday.. we are expecting a couple days of rain....if I don’t mow them before it rains..It will be twice as hard to push the mower through the long grass......Is the rain motivation enough for me to mow them?....idk..I’m sitting outside talking to you all and looking at the grass..Wishing it would start growing downwards and back into the seeds they come from😁...

I hope everyone enjoys their day the best you can...

Kind and caring thoughts everyone..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Oops again I’m sorry EM...I didn’t reply properly to your post here..really if I could trade in my brain for a more brighter and smarter one I would.

That would be lovely to go to spotlight with you..Last time I went in..it was over 10 years ago I think...it was to buy a long stitch pack I seen advertised...and like always late Hubby came with me...and bought what he wanted me to do for him....not the one I wanted..then once I got all the wool sorted into their colour groups and put them through the holes in the numbering board.,.,he took over and done it..hmm...,anyway...

Listing your fears in your head and going past them...that’s would have been hard.,especially since seeing “demon” a few days prior to you visit....You have a strong mind and gentle heart dearest EM...I think you know and understand your children more then you realise..,I listen a lot on your thread..and love hearing the beautiful bond you have with your children and grandchildren.....Unconditional love and care is a wonderful part of life...I’m so happy for you that you have that in your life.....Raising children to be good and caring adults is the biggest and most satisfying achievement in life....

Kind thoughts lovely EM...


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Darling Grandy!


Hey Grandy if WE went into Spotlight together, I think we'd giggle our heads off for no other reasons than, we DID IT.
They have a 50% OFF sale atm so there's motivation to flick the lawn chore and head to Spotlight!

Do you know what I did during the "dark ages" and the lawn grew SO TALL?
I threw a myriad of different seeds out there and created a FOOD FOREST.
Omg it was so much fun venturing through the food forest and finding a pumpkin here and a watermelon there and oh there's some type of herb lol.

I rolled the seeds in vermicast first and that was it lol. I ended up with 45 pumpkins! Plus the rest.

I ran a bath today.
BUT I wanted to clean it first, it was pretty grubby lol.
So I put on a Brene Brown podcast that was BRILLIANT and ran the bath very slowly lol.

Then I remembered that when I'm IN the bath, I don't like looking at the cobwebs and dirty windows.... I was enjoying the podcast lol...
So I did that and it was revolting lol!

Then I LAVISHED in my bathtub like a toddler in a bubblebath.

We're all clean now lol.

Love EM

Community Member

I worked out how to pop out all of the sliding windows in my mothers house so that I don't have to manually unscrew all of her security screens just to clean the glass on the other side.

I felt relieved, now a twice a year chore that makes her happy when it gets done will only take me a few hours instead of taking an entire day to do.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi everyone...

How good is that Unbeliever....Well done taking the time to try and find a much easier way to do something that means a lot to your beautiful mother....

I got fed up with my fly screens getting all dirty then when it rains or is a dusty wind the windows ended up muddy..,,I took them all off..except for my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and laundry as those windows I leave open 24/7...and don’t want little flying visitors day or night...😁..

I hope today that you achieve a little something that adds a bit of light into your day.....

My kind thoughts with caring hugs..


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

i got out of bed today although i felt very down

maybe i can even make my bed, which would be a nice feeling for today

small steps for me.

achievement zero I done stuff but there was zero satisfaction

no omf, no laughs, just waiting for a better change

feel better amber