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Small achievement you managed to do today....How did it make you feel? Did it help you feel better today?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi everyone..

Their are days when just getting out of bed is a huge achievement...Other days we can achieve things like washing up the dishes or clothes, sweeping the floors, mopping the floors..very mundane and automatic robot like chores for the mentally well...They do these chores without even thinking about them...for people struggling with their mental health..these are huge tasks...

Very often I’ll get my vacuum cleaner out to vacuum ...then it will sit their for days, me looking at it, walking over it...until I can get motivated enough to vacuum..after I do find the motivation to vacuum...I am pleased with myself...
Right now I have a small foot cycling peddle machine, sitting on my front veranda..I got it out last week..to start exercising..it’s still their, I’m still looking at it...My thoughts each night is I’ll use it for a few minutes tomorrow..

My car hasn’t been washed getting close to a year now I think...Today I did managed to wash it....and discovered that it has a nice shine on it.....I did it...I achieved something positive today..which made me feel better in myself...

Have you achieved a little something today...and how did it make you feel...If you want to share that achievement it might make other people a bit more motivated to achieve something they need/want to do..

Looking forward to hearing about your achievement....and how it made you feel..

Little steps and achievements can lead to bigger steps..and bigger achievements...

My kindest and most caring thoughts...everyone.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey Mrs gorgeous 👩‍❤️‍👩 and all lovelies ☺

Well done that must have been beautiful I imagine to your furs it'd be like a massage apart from them not loving the baths 😄

Getting outta beds a biggy in hard times. Powering hun

These were mega. Yesterday I resisted 5,689 food urges and that was just in an hr 😆 I really feel good about and it's spurring me on to continue.

Also packing to move there are days you're just ...yeah/nah but I managed

Also had a couple of decent but small walks.

All in mania but wanting to follow through.

Well done to everyone managing tasks.

Pats on backs all round... does that include choccy 🍫... just askin

Good days everyone 🖐

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone...

Way to go Mrs Deebi👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩....the food I’m not as good as you....unfortunately I comfort eat...bury my sorrows in a tub of yogurt over the weekend...healthier then ice cream I think...no chocolate this time..(only because I had none in my cupboard)....Kinda like old mother Hubbard at mine atm...Shopping maybe one day this week...

Its hard packing and stressful moving into a new place...I hope your doing it in bits n pieces...small achievements can power us up....

Walking as well..so well done...

I brushed my furs yesterday, they are clean for now..

I didn’t go to work today..un achievement....I know...but I did get out of bed...then made a cuppa and sandwich..and am about to sweep my home...achievements x 3....yay me...

love n hugs everyone..💜🤗..


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

hey grandy

i just wanted to say i think getting out of bed on somedays is a beautiful achievement

i had that same one a few posts back... it inspired me and i managed to also make my bed.... (which i hate)

good on u for getting out of bed. It takes a lot, somedays.

Today I brought my washing in from the car after washing it at the laundromat. soon I will hang it up and haev some clean things.

Hi Guys,

What a great thread!

I'm moving house in a few week and I bought a second hand fridge, and I'm really please that I didn't rush out and buy a new one saving some money.

Touch wood it works though!

Kind regards,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

hey calmcat! are u the same user as Doz? ur pic looks the same 🙂

Or maybe it's a famous pic!

Yay for the secondhand fridge. Great move. Hope it works a treat.

Managed to eat relatively healthy today (well minus a chocolate easter egg lol). I bought myself some Youfoodz (like Lite N Easy) so I'll continue to eat that. Just put in the microwave & away you go, very convienent. Food is nice too, as is Lite N Easy.

sounds great tayla

Community Member
Saw a car with a folded mirror on a busy road. The wholesome motorcyclist I am, I pulled over the car at a red light, pulled the mirror back up. Probably saved her from an accident, and made a positive contribution to the public perception on moyorcylicsts.

Community Member
Just remembered (I'm stupid), got a Psychologist. Only seen her once but yeah. I guess that would count?

I went to the dentist and waited for 20 mins and resisted the urge to run away. I have never have but the longer I wait more I want to run. Well done me!