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Merry Christmas in 2020

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Champion Alumni

Hi Everyone,

I did try and do a search for Christmas 2020 on the forum and kept getting a message stating something like "Page not found" every time I tried to click on the word Christmas. Maybe the Grinch is trying to steal Christmas yet again!

If there is another thread about Christmas, can someone pleas let me know.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, I understand that. This year it may be especially difficult as well due to Covid and so many other issues people have in life.

This year will be our first without my Dad. As I was decorating the tree I was thinking of Dad and the Christmas celebrations we had as children. Way back then we were able to go out in the scrub and cut down a native Christmas tree.

This year I have to work Christmas Day so I won't be able to attend Church, nor a Christmas Eve service as family are coming for dinner. I am very thankful that at present we are still able to plan for some of the family to be together. I have no idea how busy I will be Christmas Day at work. Hopefully people will be relaxed and happy!

Christmas can mean different things to everyone. It may mean nothing and that is okay too. If you'd like to share thoughts here about Christmas, the end of this year or any other celebration you have happening soon, please do so.

Today I am trying to boil a Christmas pudding! I have to ensure the saucepan has water for 3 hours! In the past I have neglected this step and ended up cooking the saucepan when it ran out of water and the pudding was a rock!

Wishing you all a great day no matter how you are spending it.

Peace to all, cheers from Dools

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Champion Alumni

Hello Dools and Everyone else, I sincerely hope and want to wish those that do believe in Xmas a Happy Time because it's one day in the year where people can find it comforting to commemorate their loved one by bringing them into their Christmas celebrations in some way.

I'm sorry that your dad won't be with you this year and you have all my sympathy, but light a candle in his honour and write a letter so you can put it in a 'time box' to read in the years to come.

Hi Moonstruck, I know what you're saying as I am not religious myself, and have said this many times over the years, but Xmas to me, means a happy time for all the children counting down the days until Father Xmas delivers their presents.

I know my two little granddaughters are so excited, and to me, that's beautiful, but for me, it's another day.

Hope I haven't hurt anyone but wish you all a Happy Xmas.


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Yes Geoff, I certainly understand about the excitement of children and when my grand-kids were a bit younger, of course I went along with all the Christmassy stuff, wouldn't dream of spoiling it for them...... however.....kids grow older and no longer wait eagerly for "Santa" to arrive...... just curious what will make Christmas a happy time for you when you don't have the children's joy to witness. What delight will it hold for you then?

Hi EM,

Thank you for your lovely Christmas story, I remember as a child being involved in the nativity plays at Church. One year we had a Church picnic out in the scrub, we acted out the nativity scene and sang carols into the evening. I was dressed up as an angel and recall thinking just how amazing it was to celebrate Christ's birth out in the bush.

I'm making gifts this year for Christmas as finances are not all that flash. My depression overwhelms me when I go shopping, I can spend hours looking at stuff with no idea what to get anyone. Quite often I return home even more depressed, stressed and with nothing! My gifts might not be what people want either. Ha. Ha.

I like the values you are focusing on too EM.

Wishing you a Christmas with all those blessings. Cheers from Dools

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Champion Alumni

Hi Geoff,

I hope you do have an enjoyable day for Christmas, if you are celebrating or not I hope it goes well. Will you be seeing your grand children for Christmas? I guess that may depend where you live as well and what is going on with Covid.

Thanks for the suggestion of writing Dad a letter. I have done that in the past for my children and it does help...once the tears have stopped flowing! I will be lighting a candle as well.

It will be interesting at work on Christmas Day to see how all the different people are feeling and acting. I hope my greetings of welcome will help in some way to make their days brighter. It will keep me in a happy spirit as well during all the business!

Cheers to you Geoff from Dools

Hi Moon,

I have spent many Christmas Days in tears due to broken dreams, cruel words from others and being excluded. My husband and I were told by both our families for years that we were not included in Christmas because we had no children and Christmas was just for kids.

My husband tells me it is just a money making racket and there have been times when I don't have a gift under the tree.

Some of my happiest Christmas Days have been spent with people who are not relatives, other people who for one reason or another had no family to be with for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

This year my Mum wants to be with us even though I had invited my parents to our place for years and they never came.

Now my sister in law has a new partner and her children have their own plans, we have been invited to their home for Christmas Tea.

I'm trying to let go of the ghosts, the hurt and pain of past Christmas so it does not ruin this year for myself and others.

Many people despise Christmas for different reasons. Some people love it.

Thinking of you Moon. Cheers from Dools

Hi all.....there is a lady who has just started a thread called Dreading Xmas and she sounds very alone and needing some help or someone to talk to who feels the same....if anyone has time to find her and send her some love and understanding.......(I would suggest not emphasising what a wonderful, cheerful, loving, festive, "family" time of year you think this is.....I think that would make her feel worse, so be kind if you answer).....

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Dools

Indeed I've had many Christmases with no family and offered to work on Christmas Day and other special occasions so that others can be with their families and loved ones.
I kept Praying, hoping and believing that things would change for me.

They did, so I'm grateful.

I'm sorry your families treated you this way. It's a difficult thing to overcome!

All things can be forgiven but it doesn't mean we have to put ourselves in harm's way again by keeping company with those who harmed us, or talk to them, or even KNOW them lol!

I've enacted so much No Contact - it's my middle name I think.
I had to, to protect my children and myself.

I've also had years of not being able to afford presents, and most definitely made PLENTY of them over the years! What are some of the things you hand crafted? I would LOVE to hear about them! It may give others some ideas. Starting early in the year helped me alot with time to do it all.

One thing that delighted my sister in law (with crazy expensive taste) was my terracotta pot full of basil. The next year I planted hers in September for Christmas and she kept commenting how lovely it looked lol... it was hers and she didn't know it.
I did that type of thing for many people with lavender and rosemary I had propagated (if you want to know HOW then ask on the gardening thread!).

I also made Christmas sweets and baked cookies, then put them in jars I had upcycled and just tied a ribbon around them.

My s-i-l still uses the tablecloth I made for her every Christmas. I'd embroidered her children's names on each corner. Sewed a little house in the centre with their family name and the year.
She even gets it dry cleaned! LOL. Little did she know the chequered cloth cost me $2 from a throw out table at Spotlight. But it took me a long time to stitch around the edge and fray the edge, then sew the rest.

Many Blessings Dools.

Hi EM and All,

Next year I think I will start making things in January, then I will have enough to share around!

Over the years I had made some Christmas decorations from material and other products. I was at my sister's one year before Christmas and she was going through stuff to take to her work place to decorate it for Christmas. She was telling me all the crap she was pulling out was horrible but good enough for work.

I pointed out to her all that crap were items I had made. She told me it still looked awful but people at work seemed to like it.

This year I have sewn some various bags, holders for water bottles when people are out walking and bowls from cotton rope. I made up some succulent gardens in large bowls I bought from the Op Shop and will be making Christmas food treats as well which I can put in jars and decorate.

This year I am not going to wrap the gifts people can choose what they like. If they don't like they don't have to choose. Ha. Ha.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas EM. Thanks for the blessings, same to you. Cheers from Dools

Hello Moonstruck, I'll only be seeing my granddaughters via video, they maybe coming to see me after Xmas that depends on many issues, they certainly want to, but can't be sure.

I only pretend that I enjoy Xmas for them, but my family/friends know how I actually feel, it's just another day, although my son who is my carer has put up a Xmas tree, last year and this year.

I don't like saying how I feel because there are so many people who do believe in what Xmas stands for and they have every right to do so, I, however, am not someone who is religious and don't believe in these festivities.

As the years pass by I respectfully don't debate or ask any questions, some people like the strawberry flavour, while others prefer chocolate and you can't convince either to change.

All my family ring me on Xmas day, I ask them not to but it's still good to talk with them about anything else.

Take care.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Geoff,

This thread is for everyone. If Christmas is a time you don't believe in or don't enjoy, it is okay for you to say so. There will be no judgement here. Some people do dislike Christmas with a passion for many reasons.

I know someone who likes Christmas for the food, they don't usually get a roast in summer! Boxing Day is the highlight for them as they get to watch the Boxing Day Test Match!

Geoff, I wish you lovely phone calls from family, may they happen often and not just on Christmas Day.

Cheers to you from Dools