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I'm new to beyond blue and this is my first time posting. Over the past few months I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression due to severe stress and trauma over the past year or two. I am lucky enough to have a great GP and have been seeing a psychologist for the past month. I have been on antidepressants for just over two weeks now and I didn't have a great start to them, I had severe side effects and became even more depressed and just over a week ago put myself in hospital as I felt like giving up and started to have suicidal thoughts. A week later I have definitely made improvements and have promised my amazing, supporting partner I wont give up fighting. BUT I just wake up crying everyday day, feeling anxious and stressed all the time. I feel like I cant be alone and need my partner around all the time I have been doing meditation and breathing techniques everyday. I'm scared of leaving the house, going back to work (own my business), socialising etc. I guess I'm just after some support and guidance that it will get better, get easier and I will be able to do these things again without fear. I hear this from the medical support I get but I think hearing it from others who have experienced or are going through the same thing would make it feel more believable. I'm open to any advice.

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Hi EJB, 

It sounds like you have been having a tough time lately with your depression and anxiety. We are sorry to hear that you've been through so much.

It is great that you have been able to seek help from so many sources and that you are reaching out on these forums aswell. That is such a great step to take. Looking for support from people who have experience with anxiety and depression is a great thing to do - here are a few other threads that might be helpful to get you started:


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Sophie M

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Hello EJB, and welcome to the site.

We all have worries, anxiety and doubts we need to struggle with but it's completely different when you are suffering from any mental disorder as it becomes excessive when it’s persistent and uncontrollable, so it affects and interferes with your daily wellbeing and eliminates any strength and causes many problems.

There have been ups and downs while taking this medication and that's to be expected, not only do you have to adjust to the AD's (antidepressants) yourself, you wonder how it's going to affect the business but more so how your partner will handle this situation, again trying to adjust to your daily wellbeing, what he feels he should be doing and more importantly how to discuss the position you're both in.

With your partner leaving for the day is not being rejected, they have their own responsibilities and it certainly doesn't mean the love has gone, let this be the time you can begin your development into a new person, write down what you have achieved, including the negative thoughts, your psychologist would be keen to know your daily activities, whatever you can do is a learning curve.

Remember what you can now do or attempt to do might be much better than a few days ago, that's an achievement you should be proud of and it doesn't happen straight away, confidence and the ability to do what you once couldn't do is a mask improvement, step by step.

Hope you can get back to us.


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Hi Geoff,

Thank you for responding and your advice.

It has put a lot more stress on me about wondering how I'm going to be well enough to continue my business. I feel like I have been trying everything, keeping busy, writing down my daily feelings, reading, medtitation, yoga, colouring in, house work etc

I know my partner hasnt rejected me by leaving, I know he needs to leave for work, hes been amazing as it is with coming home earlier or leaving later in the mornings.

Im just at a point where I feel like I want to cry all the time and that I just exsisting, not actually living.

Im scared for my future and how i going to get through this and sometimes it feels easier to just not be here.