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Ideas for activities to lift you when tired or depressed

Elizabeth CP
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

When I'm very tired or stressed whether due to MH issues or just other circumstances I struggle to do anything. The problem with this is that I then have too much time for negative thoughts which feed into my depression & anxiety creating a vicious circle.

I would like to generate a list of things which can be done when short of physical or mental energy which distract me from the negative thoughts and leave me feeling better rather than worse.

I would love it if others can share ideas to help each other. What works in one situation won't work in another

My ideas

Read a book


Sort or label photos

Drive to a nice location and focus on pleasant surroundings

phone a friend or relative

have a shower

sit beside a lake or river with feet in the water

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hello Elizabeth,

I have been brainstorming this very thing today, as i have been in turmoil with my thoughts .... some of the things I've put on my brainstorming page today are:

- do some weeding
- go to the library
- do some cooking
- dust a bookshelf
- go to the op shop
- make pizza dough
- water the plants
- browse a craft book and choose one to start

Thanks for this thread.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
* Cook something comforting to eat

* Online shopping or browsing

* Watch funny U-tube videos

* Go to the local pools

* Get some sunshine

* Create something ( artwork,poem, crochet etc)


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you for creating this Elizabeth CP, it is a great idea. Some suggestions include:

- Listen to music
- Create music playlists
- Go for a walk/jog
- Gentle stretching
- Make a cup/pot of tea/coffee
- Watch funny YouTube videos
- Journal
- Play with your pet
- Go to a library/book shop
- Wash your face/have a bath/shower
- Re-watch favourite movie/TV shows
- Listen to podcasts
- Play a musical instrument
- Scrapbook/do craft
- Take an online class
- Call a friend
- Write a letter (you don't necessarily have to send it)
- Read

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Great thread Elizabeth CP.

I don't have anything that helps me unfortunately.

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Put on some music that encourages me and sing

A Shower the positive ions , I have a shower stool so I can sit beneath the running water, it's wonderful.

A bath is good if I have the fidgets. Have a go................

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Hi guys, just a thought but what kind of things do you avoid when tired or depressed as well?? 😊

Not to be negative at all, just trying to see what works and what doesn't work for myself and others, like for myself when I'm tired, anxious, and/or depressed, I've been trying to read for months and months, but can never focus or get the motivation to read, concentrate on reading, or even pick up a book, no matter how much I think it would interest me, and I've finally realised it's a lot more healthier for me to give up on reading for now, rather that constantly getting frustrated at not being able to read, making me more anxious/depressed, thus a vicious cycle....

Only main things that actually do lift my mood when anxious/ tired/ depressed are going for a walk outside or in the gym, or getting some sort of positive interaction with other people out side...a tricky thing to do in these times....

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I like spending time in the forest and at the beach(even if it is too cold to go swimming). As I type this I am listening to Great Southern Land by Icehouse, I want to go and sleep in the forest right now.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi, I found that going to an indoor swimming complex relaxes all your muscles and when you're unable to move your legs, for example, it gives you the opportunity to do what you can't out of the pool.