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Issues with driving

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Hi all. I had a situation happen to me over the weekend which I’m trying to not get me down but I just need to get off my chest. The thing is I’m 32 years old and I am a late learner driver. I only just started learning a year and a bit ago. I should have learned earlier I admit but I was really not confident with it.

I really do want to learn no matter how long it takes me. I have been for about 40 lessons with a driving teacher now and he has pretty much given up on me. I guess I’m not at the level he wants me to be after how many lessons we’ve had and he’s frustrated, which I can understand. I can’t point the finger solely at him for giving up on me. I probably do need to be more focused than I have been and need to be more confident in my ability. Like for instance I still hesitate a bit at roundabouts when I can quite clearly see that nobody is there. I pretty much now by know when it’s safe to go and should stop doubting myself.

My driving teacher pretty much said to me that I need to find another driving teacher because he’s taught me all he can and maybe a different driving teacher would be better. Maybe he’s right? Maybe I need a different approach is better for me? To be honest we didn’t have any clear goals and expectations that we wanted to work towards each lesson. We were just kind of drifting along. I need a teacher that will discuss the goals and expectations with me as we go and someone who will discuss the progress with me. I thought about giving up learning but you know I have come so far from where I started with my driving I’m determined to stick with it.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Kim i am sorry you are struggling to learn to drive.You are right you have come so far and should stick at it.Maby a change of driving instructors would be the key for a start.Maby ring up some and tell them the story and see if you can find one that is understanding and willing to teach you and sounds like he has goals for you.The driving instructors have seen it all so dont feel embarrassed and stick at it.

Take care,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Kim1988

Good on you for having the courage to post!

You are not alone in any way....I have a friend that is in her late 30's and has the same difficulty as yourself with having issues with learning to drive...My friend is a Health Professional in charge of a Emergency Dept at a major hospital..and does have an issue with confidence and driving too

Can I ask how you actually 'feel' in the car when you go for a driving lesson?

Matchy..(Mark) mentioned above about changing instructors....

what do you think?

my kind thoughts


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Hi blondguy,

I do apologise for the extremely delayed response. My driving lessons have been interrupted this year due to COVID-19. I live in Melbourne so haven’t really been having consistent driving lessons which makes it even harder.

Sometimes I feel a bit nervous when driving. I do have a mild to moderate form of dyspraxia so I would say my maybe my visual information processing is what’s hindering me a lot. Does anyone who’s had similar issues with driving have any tips at all on how they learned better?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Kim,

I would recommend a 'Defensive Driving Course' to get you more comfortable behind the wheel. You learn on a race track away from regular traffic so it's a safe environment to explore the dynamics of the car under various conditions (weight distribution, rain, skids, braking, steering, etc.).

You may also find studying the mechanical principles of the motor car helpful for relating what is going on under your feet and developing sensitivity for the controls.



Hi Kim1988

Always good to see you and no apologies necessary 🙂 We dont expect a reply...Since Covid has been around it has been difficult for sure

I just read a really good post above by tranzcrybe...

tranzcrybe mentioned "I would recommend a 'Defensive Driving Course' to get you more comfortable behind the wheel. You learn on a race track away from regular traffic so it's a safe environment to explore the dynamics of the car under various conditions"

This is seriously good idea Kim..Its not expensive and you will have tons of confidence after this short course....I think the course can be done in a day with a super caring instructor 🙂