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Easy peasy recipes - please share yours.

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Valued Contributor

Hello BBers

Please share an easy recipe you love. If you have a story of where your recipe(s) came from, chat away. Feel free to write your recipe in any format you like! I can't wait to try Mara's specialty Rocky Road..... like yesterday.

Here's mine. A perfect 'day off' meal and absolutely wonderful for Winter. You can prep in the morning and put it together at lunchtime for dinner. I made up the recipe after a few dismal failures lol. I have ideas for any leftover cooked stock mixture later...

Beef brisket - the BB easy peasy way.
You'll need:
1 beef brisket that fits into your baking tray with some room.
1L beef stock. 2L if the brisket is BIG.
Worcestershire sauce.
2 onions sliced anyway you like.
Mushrooms sliced thickly - as many as you like.
Oil - any type.
A baking tray... the best tasting one I've made was cooked in a cast iron, enameled baking tray but any will do.
Aluminium foil to cover the baking tray.
A frying pan / skillet.
Utensils for pan and tray.
Oven gloves.
Oven & stove top.

To cook:
Pour cold stock & 2 tblsp W sauce into baking tray.
Saute onions in oil in pan & add to baking tray.
Brown mushies as above & add to baking tray.
Sprinkle salt / pepper over brisket.
Brown both sides of brisket in pan then add to baking tray.
Cover whole tray with foil & scrunch under edges.
Spoon stock mixture over brisket to coat.
NB: The stock mixture needs to come up to around half way on side of brisket. Add more stock if needed.
Slow cook in warm oven c110C for about 2h.
Turn brisket.
Taste to see if more W sauce is needed.
Rest meat for 15 mins.
Slice and serve.

Note: IF you want a pulled beef effect then you can cook longer until beef is falling apart. Add to sliders, Turkish bread.

If this isn't easy for you, sorry! I have a great Boscaiola coming up later that is super easy, promise.


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Valued Contributor

Okay BBers we're really getting into "secret squirrel" territory here! LOL.. here's one of our family faves, perfected by my eldest daughter.
This one takes alot of veg prep but you can do it all the night before and store in fridge.

The sauce would probably last forever lol, so make a double of quadruple batch if you like it and store it in the fridge also. (You are going to LOVE my daughter's "measurements" eek!).

Rice Paper Rolls

* Large circular rice paper sheets
* Any variation of the following veg julienned ... cucumber, carrots, avocado, fresh bean sprouts, raw cabbage of any type, ice berg lettuce or any others you fancy!
* Any choices of the following cooked proteins also julienned.... tofu (I buy the marinated type for this and saves fussing), thin beef strips, thin chicken strips, any types of fish you like.
ONLY one protein per roll is best we've found.
* You can also add cooked, thin rice noodles or cooked rice.
* Boiling water

* Baking paper
* Plastic wrap unless you're serving immediately.
* You'll need a LARGE bowl (we use a large stainless steel bowl that we also use to prove bread dough).
* A clean, slippery surface like a bench top or large flat plate.

Have a think about some of the combinations you'd like to put together BEFORE you begin the following process.
Segment all the ingredients so they're easy to grab.

Pour boiling water into large bowl. If it cools down too much then you may need to empty and fill with boiling water again.

Put a small amount of water onto the work surface.

With very clean hands pick up one rice paper with two hands and soak in the hot water until the sheet becomes transparent and floppy.

Working quickly and calmly lol.. lay rice paper out flat and add ingredients of your choice in a tube shape near the centre of the sheet.

Wrap roll, bringing in ends, much like a "deli wrap".

Place on plate lined with baking paper so they don't stick to the plate.

Eat immediately or store in fridge to eat that day. I can eat them days later but most of my family prefer them straight away.

The sauce recipe is coming up next.... stay tuned!


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Rice Paper Roll SAUCE

Light soy sauce
Fish sauce
1/2 to 1 cup water
Sugar to taste - brown sugar or palm sugar is best
Kecap manis

Whichever roasted, chopped nuts you like best from cashews, peanuts, almonds, pine nuts. Just choose ONE type of nut per sauce.

In a saucepan on the stove add mostly thin soy sauce, a little fish sauce, the water, sugar and a little kecap manis.
Yep those are my daughter's measurements folks but it WORKS!

Cook until all ingredients have dissolved.

Add nuts and serve.

We always serve this sauce in a bowl with a spoon so that you can scoop up some nuts for your rice paper roll.

NB: If you are storing the sauce in the fridge, do not add the nuts.
Add nuts before serving.

This sauce is AMAZING.

Hope you enjoy this recipe!


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Blue Voices Member
Here's a recipe for Paul to try and use his tomatoes while they are green and the moth lays it's eggs in them.
Green Tomato Relish.
500g Green Tomatoes
500g onions
1 cup sugar
1 cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon cornflour
Dice tomatoes and onions and cook ingrediants together until onion is cooked.Except for cornflour and vinegar.
Add 1 tablespoon of cornflour to vinegar and mix to thicken.Add to mixture.
Cook a little longer to mixture thickens.
Bottle when cool.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Oops I made a mistake in the green tomato relish.Add the vinegar at the start and leave the corn flour out towards the end.Thats from not much sleep last night because of the storm.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Green Tomato Jam.
1.5 kg green tomatoes
1 lemon
450 g sugar
Remove the core and seeds and chop in small pieces.Place in a large saucepan preferably with a heavy base.
Zest lemon and sore in fridge .Add the sugar and half of the lemon juiced to tomatoes and toss.Leave covered in fridge overnight.
Next morning place on stove cook on medium-high heat bring to boil stirring occasionally so it does not burn.Lower heat to a slow boil and cook for about an hour stirring occasionally .
When mixture pulls away from the saucepan when stirred it is ready to remove from heat.Add the lemon zest.Blend with and electric hand blender pureeing the mixture thougherly .
Put in jars and store in fridge when cool.

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Blue Voices Member

Lately I make my own chai at home - has anyone ever done this?

Pretty simple -

1) prana chai leaves available at health food stores

2) soy milk - Soy Boy is yum or Bonsoy

3) Honey

Pour soy milk into large pot, add a few spoons of the chai mix, and add a little bit of honey. Boil for about 5 minutes, then strain through a strainer, over a mug.

Nurse your mug on the couch while watching a funny show. Yum!

if u have time and more skills than me, the prana chai leaves are not necessary and u could make ur own homemade chai mix - with spices and black tea. I am not able to do this atm because of my depression... but I imagine it would be pretty therapeautic!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Sleepy thanks for the Chai recipe.Chai seems very popular at the moment and I notice people like a chai Latta on here.I have to admit I haven't tried it yet.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Mark

it's yum!

a sweet and creamy alternative to coffee.
Cafe's make them really nice so I decided to try at home. It's not as good as cafes but it does the trick 🙂

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Sleepy it sounds yum i will definately try some.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi everyone..

Reading through your recipes I think you are all good cooks and could be chefs...I was very limited to what I was allowed to cook..I am still quite naive when it comes to cooking and different foods and dishes etc...

I had my first taco not long ago, my first chai latte, bought my first jar of Nutella about 12 months ago..definitely going to try a Nutella milkshake...sounds easy to make..

One thing I really enjoy making and eating is Southern style chicken pieces..

Flour...add to it salt n pepper, chilli powder, turmeric...coat the chicken pieces in the flour mixture and deep fry until a temperature of 88 deg is reached when tested with meat thermometer...drain of excess oil....add a side dish of salad or chips...then dig in and enjoy...

Im getting plenty of ideas from here....Thank you everyone..