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Easy peasy recipes - please share yours.

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Hello BBers

Please share an easy recipe you love. If you have a story of where your recipe(s) came from, chat away. Feel free to write your recipe in any format you like! I can't wait to try Mara's specialty Rocky Road..... like yesterday.

Here's mine. A perfect 'day off' meal and absolutely wonderful for Winter. You can prep in the morning and put it together at lunchtime for dinner. I made up the recipe after a few dismal failures lol. I have ideas for any leftover cooked stock mixture later...

Beef brisket - the BB easy peasy way.
You'll need:
1 beef brisket that fits into your baking tray with some room.
1L beef stock. 2L if the brisket is BIG.
Worcestershire sauce.
2 onions sliced anyway you like.
Mushrooms sliced thickly - as many as you like.
Oil - any type.
A baking tray... the best tasting one I've made was cooked in a cast iron, enameled baking tray but any will do.
Aluminium foil to cover the baking tray.
A frying pan / skillet.
Utensils for pan and tray.
Oven gloves.
Oven & stove top.

To cook:
Pour cold stock & 2 tblsp W sauce into baking tray.
Saute onions in oil in pan & add to baking tray.
Brown mushies as above & add to baking tray.
Sprinkle salt / pepper over brisket.
Brown both sides of brisket in pan then add to baking tray.
Cover whole tray with foil & scrunch under edges.
Spoon stock mixture over brisket to coat.
NB: The stock mixture needs to come up to around half way on side of brisket. Add more stock if needed.
Slow cook in warm oven c110C for about 2h.
Turn brisket.
Taste to see if more W sauce is needed.
Rest meat for 15 mins.
Slice and serve.

Note: IF you want a pulled beef effect then you can cook longer until beef is falling apart. Add to sliders, Turkish bread.

If this isn't easy for you, sorry! I have a great Boscaiola coming up later that is super easy, promise.


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Community Champion

Hello Mark, ecomama..

Thank you Mark for letting me know about the tomatoes..It’s a wonder that the fruit shops or grocstores haven’t started selling green tomatoes at a high price...I suppose it won’t be long until they do..😁..

Your onion recipe sounds nice, ecomama, I wished I had someone to cook for..Half the time I couldn’t be bothered cooking for me...I am going to cook my grandmother’s yummy macaroni , cheese, tomato and bacon bake some time soon.,,,I’ll make enough to freeze a few nights..If you want I can put the recipe in here..although it’s really very simple to make ..its yummy..

Hugs with my love..


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Grandy I know what it is like to not have anyone to cook for.My kids are that fussy so I give up most times cooking anything exciting for them.I cooked a glazed ham yesterday for them and they did eat that.It turned out really nice.I will try a roast duck on them tomorrow and then they to their mothers Thursday for a few days.

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Valued Contributor

Hey Grandy

Lots of hugs and lots of love to you too!

YES PLEASE we would LOVE your macaroni recipe!! Sounds yummy! Sounds even better when you can freeze it lol!

What else do you cook for yourself?

About 20y ago my friend (who seldom cooks ANY THING like EVER lol) made an amazing lamb chop recipe in the oven. When I asked her for it much later, she couldn't remember even cooking it lol. They live on take away.

It was lamb chops laid in an oven dish with some type of dried herbs I think and some diced potato chunks on the top... wish she'd remembered lol. I never cook lamb chops (not nice memories of my mother burning one side and the other side still frozen).

It'd be nice to have a recipe for me to try but they're not a cheap cut any more!

I'll put my favourite leg of lamb recipe up later and it freezes WONDERFULLY IME.

My Fiancee lives on his own in "our" apartment in Seattle and tells me wonderful tricks he tries cooking for himself. But American sized veg is something to behold! He bought ONE potato and it's been a side dish to 3 dinners this week! Cooked in 3 different ways lol.

Have you got some herbs growing?

I thought about your "Community chickens" lol and thought you could place a roosting box somewhere and encourage them to eat some scraps... maybe they'll lay an egg or 2 for pressies for you? My neighbour did this for my chickens and I think 2 still go across the road to lay their eggs! LOL!

All good.
Love EM

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Valued Contributor

Yeah Mark our kids don't appreciate our cooking much lol... they probably will more when they get older!

Hope the duck turned out well.

Are the kids back at yours yet?

Love EM

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Valued Contributor

Hey BB peeps!

I know there's been lots of banter about that 4 letter veg KALE and the complaints about it too!

Here's the most delicious way I know of cooking this slandered veg lol...

1 bunch of kale
Spray oil

Chop off root end and stalks of kale. (You can keep the stalks to add to your minestrone).
Cut kale leaves in 5 cm pieces.
Spray oil on an oven dish.
Place kale on oven dish with each piece separated slightly.
Spray oil all over kale.
Sprinkle salt over the kale with the intention of the salt sticking to the kale pieces.

Bake in a moderately hot oven for around 5 mins.
You can turn them once, although they could crumble if you try to do this.

When they're cooked well they melt in your mouth and are delicious!

Happy Kale eating lol!

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Valued Contributor

We had left over ham and turkey from Christmas (I'll post what I did with the leftover steak!)... yeah the kids were full of chocolate and a gourmet snack plate my daughter brought over... lol.

So here's what I cooked last night for dinner with some ham, the left over turkey and the left over cream.
It was the best Boscaiola I've ever made. This freezes okay but is best eaten immediately or fridged and eaten over the next 2 days.

NB: You can make a vegetarian version of this by simply leaving out the meat!

Gourmet BB Boscaiola
One packet of fettucine pasta - spaghetti works fine too.
300ml cream.
One white onion chopped.
Chopped ham (or bacon).
Sliced cooked turkey in thin strips.
Sliced mushrooms.
Milk in case you want to thin out the sauce.
Lemon pepper - regular pepper is fine too.
Olive oil.
Grated cheese.

In a large pot put boiling water from the kettle and add lots of salt and a few tablespoons of olive oil. Cut open top of packet of fettucine and do a Jamie Oliver by crunching the packet at the half way mark against the bench to cut pasta in half.

Plop pasta in pot, stirring often to separate pasta strands. I like using a claw utensil to lift up the pasta to separate it from time to time.

In a frying pan fry up the onion in some olive oil, add ham or bacon. Cook until onions are transparent or browning at the edges and ham looks crispy.

Add cream, salt and pepper to ham & onions mixing well with a spoon.

When the pasta is cooked through, drain well in a colander over the sink, you don't have to rinse it!! It helps the sauce stick to it if the starch STAYS on the pasta.

Leave pasta draining whilst you return the pot to the stove and pour the cream mixture into it.
Add pasta 1/4 at a time stirring well.

When all pasta is in the pot, salt and lemon pepper to taste.

I put the grated cheese in a small dish on the side to add to the top of the pasta when it's in the serving bowl. If you add the cheese to the mix, it's less appetising to reheat (goes all oily).


Great for leftovers!


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Community Champion


like the recipes here but not even you will convince me to eat kale whether it is baked, fried, juiced or whatever,!!
The kale farmers ran a great campaign to convince us Kale is a super food, wrong it was unpopular but now people feel they must eat it.

Have fun enjoy cooking.

I expect all the Kale lovers will post and be annoyed with me.

keep up the good work.

Does anyone know a healthy sugar free low fat easy to make tasty slice. ?

Mulberry cordial:

this makes about 1.5L of concentrate.

3 cups of mulberry juice (pressed from a lot of berries with all the pulp removed)

3 cups water

3 cups of caster sugar

pop it in a saucepan and simmer until the sugar had melted, and a it thickens slightly.

Allow to cool, transfer into bottles and chill them.

Can be mixed with water, soda water, wine, or whatever. I found 3 parts water to 1 part water was a nice refreshing drink.

if you want to make a syrup just boil down a little more until it thickens up.


So we've been tricked Quirky?
Whenever I read about the benefits of Kale it's always so positive. I must admit it's not my favourite thing to eat but I will eat it if it's good for me. Like, really good for me.
Green leafy vegetables are supposed to be some of the best things to put in your body, so we've been told.

I don't have a slice recipe on hand but I can look around for you.

Are you a picky eater?

No bake chocolate weetbix slice

1. 5 weetbix
2. 1 cup pitted dates
3. 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
4. 1/2 cup desiccated coconut
5. 4 Tbs cocoa
6. 2 Tbs honey
7. 2 Tbs water
8. 40g dark chocolate

- place first 7 ingredients in a food processor

- blitz for 3-5 min until it comes together. If not add 1-2 Tbs water

- line a loaf tin with baking paper

- melt dark choc

- press mixture into the loaf tin

- pour over dark chocolate

- refrigerate for 2 hrs

- slice