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Easy peasy recipes - please share yours.

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Hello BBers

Please share an easy recipe you love. If you have a story of where your recipe(s) came from, chat away. Feel free to write your recipe in any format you like! I can't wait to try Mara's specialty Rocky Road..... like yesterday.

Here's mine. A perfect 'day off' meal and absolutely wonderful for Winter. You can prep in the morning and put it together at lunchtime for dinner. I made up the recipe after a few dismal failures lol. I have ideas for any leftover cooked stock mixture later...

Beef brisket - the BB easy peasy way.
You'll need:
1 beef brisket that fits into your baking tray with some room.
1L beef stock. 2L if the brisket is BIG.
Worcestershire sauce.
2 onions sliced anyway you like.
Mushrooms sliced thickly - as many as you like.
Oil - any type.
A baking tray... the best tasting one I've made was cooked in a cast iron, enameled baking tray but any will do.
Aluminium foil to cover the baking tray.
A frying pan / skillet.
Utensils for pan and tray.
Oven gloves.
Oven & stove top.

To cook:
Pour cold stock & 2 tblsp W sauce into baking tray.
Saute onions in oil in pan & add to baking tray.
Brown mushies as above & add to baking tray.
Sprinkle salt / pepper over brisket.
Brown both sides of brisket in pan then add to baking tray.
Cover whole tray with foil & scrunch under edges.
Spoon stock mixture over brisket to coat.
NB: The stock mixture needs to come up to around half way on side of brisket. Add more stock if needed.
Slow cook in warm oven c110C for about 2h.
Turn brisket.
Taste to see if more W sauce is needed.
Rest meat for 15 mins.
Slice and serve.

Note: IF you want a pulled beef effect then you can cook longer until beef is falling apart. Add to sliders, Turkish bread.

If this isn't easy for you, sorry! I have a great Boscaiola coming up later that is super easy, promise.


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Found it!😺

But I'll have to post again, later, maybe... it's my legs again. Gotta rest.

Yummy in my tummy, though! Will tell you what I did...


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Hello everyone,

My 'Tomato, Garlic & Pesto Savoury Cake'

For one small, shallow cake, using what I have:

1 small baking dish & baking paper

Mixing bowl

A few table spoons

A knife

A small saucepan on the stove

*most measures are approximate or to taste

I'm not sure, 3/4? cup Flour, (I used plain flour, but think Self-raising will be better

1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder

1 big pinch Salt

1 large Egg

1 level teaspoon Parsley Flakes

1/2 teaspoon Vegetable stock powder

1/4 teaspoon Sweet Paprika Powder

A splash or three Milk, as needed to thin the mix to its proper consistency

Garlic Butter to taste - scrape from tub

2 tablespoons diced tinned tomatoes - chop the bigger bits more

Half sachet (1+1/2 tablespoons?) tomato paste. I use the Leggo’s Pizza flavour in sachets

2 tablespoons Pesto sauce



1. Put about ½ - 2/3 of the flour into the bowl, along with all other dry ingredients. Mix them up a bit.

2. put diced tomatoes & paste & scrape some Garlic Butter into a small saucepan & heat on stove, on low to medium heat. If it sizzles too much, turn down. We are trying to reduce the liquid & made it thicker like the tomato paste was on its own.

3. Scrape more Garlic Butter into the mixing bowl. Use clean & dry hands to mix together, pressing & repressing mixture so it feels crumbly to touch.

4. Add egg & mix with spoon.

5 Add 1 Splash milk & see how thick it is. Likely you will see it is so thick it mounds on your spoon. We want it thinner. So splash & mix again. Maybe a third time. If it gets too thin, add a little flour

6. How is the mix on the stove? Nice & thick & not sticking to the saucepan, I hope? If so, turn off heat.

7, Heat the oven to medium (I can't read what temperature it is.) My oven rack is higher than the centre

8. Place baking paper in the dish

9. Spoon cake mix from the bowl into dish. Scrape out as much mixture from bowl as you can. Don't want to waste any!

10. Trim off excess paper with scissors.
11. Spoon a few 1/2 tablespoon size dollops of tomato mix & Pesto sauce on top of the cake mixture.

12. Gently mix, only a little so you will find it later

13 Have a cuppa.

14 Place in oven & bake for 20-30 minutes, or until it smells really good. Or you can test by poking the tip of your knife into the centre of your cake. Remove & if it is dry, your cake is done!

15. The paper made removing the cake from the dish very easy. I cut a bit off & YUM!