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Think this is the right place to post: pregnancy and mental health

Doctor who_aspy
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


i dont really know how to start this. I want to start a family in the future and i'm unsure how my anxiety will effect the pregnancy. has anyone here started a family whilst having mental health issues? I have had anxiety disorder and panic attacks for 11 years now but have them mostly under control. some advice?

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Blue Voices Member
That's amazing you want to start a family. Whilst I personally haven't started a family with mental health issues, I know others who have. There is so much support available for people who have anxiety and panic attacks who want to get pregnant, and if you found the right psychologist or counsellor they really may be able to help you. If you're having regular panic attacks, have you spoken to your doctor about techniques to deal with that or even possibly taking medication? It's really great that you feel as if your anxiety is mostly under control though. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I do believe that if you had some guidance (i.e. saw a psychologist) you would feel more sure about this. Wishing you all the best.

thank you. i have been on medication since i was 13. im 24 now and my attacks are not the many anymore. i dont know if i want children right now im more thinking in the next few years or so. i was just wondering how people deal with actual pregnancy whilst dealing with mental health issues

hello Dwa, sorry to abbreviate your username and hope this hasn't upset you and if so, then my apologies.
I think the question you are asking is something which may not even happen to you, because the pregnant mum has a different type of feeling, an euphoria of excitement, I know that this happened with my wife (ex), so you can't anticipate that you will be overtaken by your anxiety and/or panic attacks, however if these are still worrying you then a psychologist can help you with CBT.
What may happen is that once the baby is born then you may or may not have PND, but if you get the treatment or continue with what you maybe having then you will get stronger, and any trigger points which you feel may start a panic attack these are what you have to learn to avoid.
Even if you start thinking about something like this then you're talking yourself into having it, because you or no one else knows what the future holds. Geoff.

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Blue Voices Member

Hey Doctor who_aspy,

Thanks for your post.

This is a really particular kind of enquiry so I have a sad feeling you might not get the audience you're looking for here, but I do understand your concern. I imagine that most people would deal with anxiety while pregnant in the same way that they would deal with anxiety when they're not pregnant; using their own techniques that works for them.

I too want children later and I'm aware that I'll probably struggle with my own mental health around that time. I think it's about having strategies in place so that you feel supported and not isolated. Knowing that anxiety is something that you struggle with can be a benefit in itself because having that awareness is key. Too often women become pregnant and 'put up' with it because they aren't aware there is help out there for them.

Here are also a couple of things that may help

- https://healthyfamilies.beyondblue.org.au/pregnancy-and-new-parents/maternal-mental-health-and-wellbeing/anxiety

- https://www.panda.org.au/info-support/support/sane-online-forums Note that PANDA is for before birth as well so you will find people who are dealing with this head on.

Hope this helps