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Sick baby, exhausted mum

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

My son turned 1 on Wednesday. Unfortunately, because he spent 2 hours at childcare last week, he is sick. Not really sick, but has a cough & stuffed nose that make it impossible for him to feed and sleep properly.

I should be grateful that he didnt end up in hospital. I know I am lucky. I have a partner who is supportive and who takes turns rocking the baby at night. I have extended family who would step in and babysit in an instant if I asked.

I should be happy that I managed to breastfeed my son for 12 months. But instead I am upset that it looks like our breastfeeding journey is over, all because of a cold.

I haven't had more than 2 hours sleep in a row since Friday night. That was 6 nights ago.

Does anyone else get super anxious when they are tired? I do. I cant think properly, cant make decisions. I want someone to come and take over and give me a break, but I am also terrified of giving up control in case I fall apart and cant be put back together again. So I just keep going. Because what else can I do.

So I keep rocking and singing lullabies. I call PANDA and the breast feeding association for support. I take my son to the Dr for the 4th time this week hoping they will give me something to help him sleep (they dont).

and I know that by next week he will be back to normal"

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Hey Jess

Sorry to hear your baby isn't well. It's really tough caring for a sick baby- constantly putting your own needs on hold & trying to stay patient running on no sleep. I have 4 children so my heart goes out to you. I always find it helps to repeat to myself - this too shall pass....

As for the breastfeeding this is exactly how my breastfeeding journey finished with my daughter. At 16 months she got sick with a virus that caused little ulcers in her mouth & throat. So she went from being the most keen breastfeeder to complete breast refusal... I was devastated. I wasn't ready for her to stop feeding. I never got to consciously have a last feed or slowly cut back on feeds. She even refused to drink water or any fluids. It was a grieving process for me... But eventually I stopped offering as she constantly pushed it away. I had to make the decision to embrace that it was her making the decision that she no longer needed to breastfeed & it was time to let go. I had to celebrate how awesome it was to get that far! And the love & bond between the 2 of you doesn't end it just changes. I hope your little one gets better ASAP & continues to feed but if not it's OK to feel sad & allow yourself to grieve the end of that journey but he still loves & needs you & the next chapter of this parenting thing begins!!

Sending you hugs xx

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Champion Alumni

Hi Evie,

Thanks for your support. It really helps to know other people feel the same way when their kids are sick.

Luckily he is a lot better now. Still has a runny nose and a little cough, but he is sleeping and feeding again. Which means I am sleeping again. Which makes everything a lot easier to deal with.

thanks again,


Community Champion
Community Champion


I am so glad your son is getting better and you are both getting sleep again.

I think having a sick child is really difficult and stressful.

Take care