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New here and breakup problem

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My gf left 4 days ago....she says it was family reasons...but I suspect otherwise due to the fight we had.
2 years ago I left a boring relationship with three beautiful daughters...and met her 6 months later...since then
Its been an awesome journey...we moved in together 6 months later...man I'm finding it hard to write thithose 5 children moved in....I couldn't of been a more modeled bf and role model..for her children...I can't go on...I'm devistated
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Morning Steve,

Hope you're feeling better this morning. What have you got planned for today?



I've been trying to stay busy...went to the docs got some sleeping tablets..had a sleep(train driver...silly hours) got up got some shopping done...walked 7km did weights and made a potato bake for meals for the rest of the week...if I rest my mind wonders....how are you travelling daphnejanee

Good to hear you are keeping yourself occupied. I think finding small tasks to do throughout the day when you're at home is a good way to distract yourself. My mind wanders like crazy too if I sit down and do nothing. I'm travelling okay today. Was sad when I got out of bed this morning, but tried to focus on my tasks for the day. I had an online uni class this morning and it was good to talk to others to take my mind off things for a few hours.

Hi Steve (hi there daphnejanee)

So sorry Steve, I replied to you this morning but the moderation machine seems to have eaten my post. I'm glad you went to the dr's, sleep is good for you at the moment. It also sounds like you've had a productive day, which would be helpful. I'm a bit jealous that you have potato bake to eat - yummo!

I hope you're feeling a bit better at least. But early days, so go gentle on yourself. Train driver hey? I'm going to guess you're an essential worker then. Take care mate. Apologies again for my vanishing reply. Katy

I'm still struggling a lot...but hopefully I'll get there...being stuck in an empty house where once was kids running and my girl...I'm on medication at the moment and it doesn't seem to be kicking in yet...only get relief when I take 2 sleeping tablets....I will get there...I just don't know when

Yes very essential....I forgot to salt and pepper my potato bake...but hey it still taste alright...I'm still waiting for a text from her I think that's wishful thinking...but I still hold hope....maybe that's why it still hurts...idk my mind is winning atm..and I feel helpless...I talked to my co-driver last night...he has just lost his 22 year old son to suicide...and it helped for a bit....I still can't believe we broke up over her fb addiction...I don't understand..I think maybe I've lost the plot cause it sees to me that she chose fb over me...it's a bitter pill to swallow

Hey Steve

I still haven't made sense of a lot of things related to my break up earlier this year. I think sometimes we don't get answers and we have to make do and move on. Nothing wrong with holding onto hope either, as long as it doesn't stop you moving forward, and also thinking about what you want. Hope you managed some sleep. Let us know how today's looking for you. Super nice weather here today, and I've been for a bike ride 🙂


We talked today....it's a start...via text and phone....not holding my breathe...but one day at a time...says she's missing me...atm I'll take it

Oh Steve, I know the feeling... My ex reached out to me last night. He texted me, we stayed up til 5am chatting about how things went wrong for us and why my expectations were different to his. I know he's missing me and I'm missing him, but he's stuck between wanting to give me the space I asked for and wanting me to take him back straight away. I told him it's too early for me to think about that. The heart needs time alone to heal.

I hope your interaction with her has got you feeling a bit better today and calms your mind a bit. Like you said, one day at a time 🙂

Oh Steve, I know the feeling... My ex reached out to me last night. 
I hope your interaction with her has got you feeling a bit better today and calms your mind a bit. Like you said, one day at a time 🙂