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New here and breakup problem

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My gf left 4 days ago....she says it was family reasons...but I suspect otherwise due to the fight we had.
2 years ago I left a boring relationship with three beautiful daughters...and met her 6 months later...since then
Its been an awesome journey...we moved in together 6 months later...man I'm finding it hard to write thithose 5 children moved in....I couldn't of been a more modeled bf and role model..for her children...I can't go on...I'm devistated
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Im sorry to hear this news. I’ve been there and it isn’t pleasant.

Grieving for a lost love is little different than grieving for the death of a family member. Both need time and time can’t be rushed, it is a process that we all endure.

However every negative can have a silver lining. During this period it is a good idea to remind yourself of those aspects of the relationship that wasn’t in harmony. At the same time fill your spare time With activities like hobbies, camping or craft.

Above all else care for yourself, allow your emotions to flow and remember that down the track a few short weeks you’ll recover and move forward.


beyondblue topic the best praise you’ll ever get


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Valued Contributor

Hey Steve,

Worst feeling buddy. I'm feeling for you. 4 days you're still in the thick of it. I agree with Tony to let your emotions out and be really gentle with yourself right now. Try to do some nice things to take your mind of it - exercise, garden, watch some old favourite movies. If you want to chat, I'm happy to listen.


We're still talking and she says she loves me...but I still find that I'm doing all the work to establish a stable relationship


As my one time counseling visit found- “action speaks louder than words”.

All very nice to hear “I love you” but effort is a separate and more important development,


Thanks Katy

I would like to chat....I'm struggling a bit today.....although she moved out nearly a week ago...I patched things up before she left and we were still partners....but since then she rarely answers text messages and have to ring her when she says she'll ring...so today I told her I was moving on and that it was over...I know full well she didn't want the relationship anymore.....my heart has broken again.....this stuff didn't normally effect me...but it's floored me

It’s tough Steve, I know.

You we’re brave today when you told her you were moving on. Many people wouldn’t have the guts to do that. If she is the right one for you, she won’t go away. If she doesn’t come running back to you, it’s for the best but that doesn’t make it easy in the meantime.

There is no cure for the heartache blues except time ( a long time). It’s important ( and I’m sure you realise this), to stay healthy, get plenty of exercise, go easy on the booze and try and stay as connected to people (like here) as much as possible. Good luck Steve.

Thanks better now

I know I've done the right decision....but it hurts.....

Hi Steve

Sorry you're hurting 😞 I do agree with what Tony and betternow have said - you can't be the only one making the effort, so it sounds like you've made the right choice here. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings, but see if you can do some nice things for yourself as well. Always people to chat to here. Take care

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Day 2......trying to be positive...exercised....watched a bit of telly......the pain is unbearable....can't snap out of it....I'm trying to be busy...but it's not working....I can't do this...I'm losing the fight...don't what to do