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Navy Partner

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Hi All!

I have a new relationship with a navy officer and after having him 15 min down the road, he has recently moved states and is about to be onboard for the next 3 months. I suffer from anxiety and depression and PTSD after being raped a few years ago. He has been so supportive since I told him but I am anxious about how I am going to cope as I am unsure how much contact we will have. Are there any defense partners who could suggest strategies to make the distance and limited contact bearable?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Stephanie, regular communication is key. Can you write letters or Skype? Try different methods of communication too. I'm so sorry you were sexually assaulted. Have you considered seeing a psychologist to talk to about your PTSD? Whilst I'm sure your partner is very helpful, it might be an idea to have an objective person to talk to about what you're going through, especially if you're suffering with anxiety and depression.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hello Stephanie.qu, unfortunately forming a r/ship with someone in the armed forces makes it very difficult knowing they are going to be moved out at the drop of a hat, but that's how strong love can be, and it certainly will be very sad to see him leave, because there can never be a last kiss goodbye, you want to do it again and then again until he has to go.
After going through what you had to endure, is always terrible, but to then find someone you love to have to leave is also upsetting but write him a note he can always look at and vice versa, and yes text him, use Skype knowing that he may have to do this when he can, so the ball is up to him whenever he is available, so if you try and contact him but no reply means he is unavailable and busy.
Keep sending messages that you love and adore him so when he returns, the excitement will be enormous. Geoff.