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Marriage over

Community Member

marriage Is over,for financial reasons I stay fir now because we have kids. anyone going through a ended marriage and being separate.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Metzil, I can only say how sorry I feel for you, I know from my own experience it's never a pleasant situation for you to be in.

Not are you only separating from your wife and maybe the kids, you are also in dire financial circumstances which then would intensify the situation.

Being able to stay firm is not going to be easy, although the kids may think that you are OK, but deep down you would have great worries, which perhaps you maybe keeping to yourself.

My separation and then divorce was terrible, but my wife had no option, and back then I was struggling financially, but got help from Anglicare, not financially but with negotiating to my creditors, and once the property was sold I was then able to be free of any commitments.

Irrespective it was not a happy time in my life, although our 2 sons were over 18 and living in Melbourne, however the youngest son didn't handle this at all well and wouldn't talk to me for awhile, but now it's great.

There are a couple of questions I would like to ask but I won't unless you reply back to us, however can I ask one 'how old are your children.'

Please get back to us and I hope that you do. Geoff.