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Lonely ,just finding it hard to find any friends

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Hi I am new here, for a very long time have tried to cope in life by icolating myself from people as I have never felt good enough to be considered friend matrial. I am now near fifty and have no real friends whom would want to spend time with me. I consider myself as worthless to others, but so want to change just to find one soul mate in life, don’t we all deserve that, I don’t know how, I am male , but just need some guardian angels to help.. anyone out there ...
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Your not worthless kidle so get that one outa your head.

People are weird , and self centered .l often get simalar things to what you guys describe even with family. Most of them are 3 hours away but 2 only live 20mins away..

last wk a brother l've been trying to call 2 wks , was over there the last 4 days and didn't even ring me, he'd comedown from qld, didn't even let me know. 20 mins away.

With myself though personally,l do know l do often send out a do not disturb vibe to most but it's weird on the other hand how people l do make an effort with , do stuff like that.

Maybe we show interest in the wrong damn people.

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Hi Kidle

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling lonely. There's so many good suggestions here. You say you don't feel like you have many skills? Taking classes that you find interesting, even quite different things, can be a good low pressure way to be amongst people in a non-threatening way so you can put your toe in the water. I agree with the comment above that focussing on finding a soul-mate as the answer to your loneliness might not be such a great idea at the moment.