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HI I suffer from depression, PTSD and anxiety which makes socializing difficult. I have no famile except for one son. I think that lonliness has made my situation worse to the extent I do not want to get up of a morning. How do other people cope with lonliness please
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Hi Danielle - I experience these things too. I have a therapist and she has been helping me quite a bit. Knowing I'm not alone in feeling lonely can be helpful at times. This is a tricky time of year for loneliness, I'm trying to keep that in mind and think of strategies to get me through the festive season. Anki

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Blue Voices Member


If you haven't all eady please go see your GP. It makes a world of difference.

I'm lucky my PTSD is common in my suburb so people understand. I do something that may sound strange but because my anxiety can be like having gastro at times with bad stomach cramps I carry tablets for diareah with me.

Some places and people I know trigger me so I stay away.

IT gets easier over the years if that's any help.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Danielle,

Welcome to the forum. This is a safe,friendly, supportive and caring place.

Many people experience loneliness . Sometimes helping other people by volunteering is a way to meet people, and help them.

Have you seen your doctor. ?

This is a good place to read how others cope and to find out you are not alone.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.