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Gf cheated

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My live in gf of 4 years had been sexting and possibly cheating with at least 4 men during our relationship...I caught her sexting pics to one of her ex bf 3 months before our break..her excuse alchohol...after our break I learned she confessed to cheating for 6months prior to break with one she picked up off park bench..that ended a month after our break and imeadiately afterward 6 weeks after our break she entered into a relationship with an aquaintance who has also been on her facebook page the whole 4 years..she denied cheating with him but deliberately posted pics on public social media.i was informed by her friends..

..I've initiated indefinite no contact from her and her friends ..blocked social media..but the humiliation of her cheating and her new relationship is difficult to live with...I have the what was wrong with me syndrome going because her new man is obese whilst I'm slim and somewhat athletic...she is very attractive and slim 


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Yes she showed me a referral for examination RE poss bowel cancer prior to me ending contact for good..

shes told me again prior to ending contact that they are only casuals and have been told as much so each one is aware she may be sleeping with others.

she has no choice really her daughter wont allow her mother to have a relationship in the normal sense her daughter has sabotaged the last 2 possibly 3 with her hatred for men that are not her father.so mum sees the casuals during the weeks she has no children .

her behaviour is not my concern now as its over and ive no contact nor will I ever cancer or not..i merely needed to understand why she cheated but I never will so time to move on and accept that she has issues that were there all along and I chose to ignore them..

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I want to thank all of you here for your input and encouragement ive decided as of today to end my enquiries into this subject to end my suffering and to release myself from this negative energy talking about it will only serve toy keep me in a place i no longer wish to remain in..im satisfied that it was her choice to cheat and accept my responsibility in the breakup there were and are things i could've done better but in the end it wouldn't have made a difference she would've done the same in hindsight she didn't have the courage to breakup when she became unhappy with our relationship this is when i should've especially after her failure to communicate when asked..ive learnt to stand up for myself to not accept being a doormat just because i loved her as it wasnt love in the end but fear that at 49 i may not have another chance at love the lasting kind..im deleting my profile and forever closing this chapter of my life in anticipation of the next taking with me both your insights and my own