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Gambling loop

Community Member
For the most part I hold myself together. Divorced, two teenage kids, all is well. But I can't defeat the secret gambling that seems to break apart any good I do for myself mentally. Why do I need to break it? I have the money, and I throw it away, and I feel ridiculous. If I just saved half my money, I would be fine! So I know I have a problem! Tried talking to someone, helped for a bit, but I am tearing what little sane self I have apart.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Rgreen, welcome to the forums and great to have you here. You are in a very protective and supportive environment that will never judge you so again, well done for reaching out for some answers.

Although I have never had a gambling problem, I am really happy to hear what you have said in that you recognise there is an issue there and want to do something about it. That is highly encouraging.

When i was really struggling with life a few years back after a PTSD, depression and anxiety diagnoses, I used to break down the days. Some days i would just tell myself to get through the next 5 mins, then 10 mins then an hour, then a day etc.

During these periods of time when i was feeling particularly bad, i would just want to feed on bad food and drink lots of coke but i was also running a lot and was conscious of diet being important so I would tell myself just to have a drink of water and the urge will pass, which it did.

The message here is that if you feel like having a punt, just put it off for 10 mins, then 20 mins and you can extend that as your want to gamble weakens.

You can also open up a bank account and with the money that you were going to gamble, however much that is, put that into the account. Set a goal to reach, i.e. when i get to "x" amount, you will reward yourself with a trip or a purchase of something that is significant.

Have you ever spoken to someone from the Gamblers Help Line on 1800 858 858? Maybe worth a shot - they are a service that was set up to assist those in need.

Keep posting as I am interested to see how you are going with this and again, well done for reaching out.