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Feel like I dont want my marriage

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Ive been married just over a year now and been together for 3 years.im struggling with my marriage and seem like I cant help myself.a few issues we have is his time at work alot of hours and not spending much time together we have a 5 month old baby.his dying mum who I know wants his help but she does things on purpose just to get him to her house and his drinking is another problem.he doesnt drink as much as he used to but everytime we fight he goes on a bender and doesnt come home for hours and is drunk and spent our money .i really am struggling as to why even stay in a marriage. I know I get jealous when hes out drinking and I know I shouldnt be angry about his mum but she does things on purpose even our wedding day she admitted herself to hospital because we were away for our wedding. And to top it off he just lost his job

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi baker, welcome

Now that you have a baby its even more reason to try harder at your marriage.

Im sorry but I think you are jumping ship too easily. Lifes problems especially marital issues take lots of work.

I can identify with the problem you have with your mother in law. But you can keep your distance, its unfair to expect him to. Such jealousy is a poor quality. Get a hobby, your own friends etc when he wants to visit his mother.

Im being upfront here because his "benders" arent good. Its a separate issue but he may not feel close to you anymore. To save your marriage you need to work on it in a positive way, not throw criticism and him for everything.

A counselor would be worth considering to get to the core of his attitude. But be prepared to take criticism yourself as a means to fight for your marriage survival.

Tony WK