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Dysfunctional marriage, at a complete loss i just cry

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Married 33 years, been deteriorating for a long time i guess. Last cpl of years has been hard, after years of always giving in to keep the peace i just stopped wanting to try and make it work anymore. Now after 3 lots of councelling, as in 3 different councellors i done but don't know how to get out. My wife wobt let go, wants it tobwork but in the last two years she has done nothing to show it. She started drinking, a feeble attempt at suicide, attacked me physically, driving drunk, sold lies tonmy son who ran with it and attacked me but when he realised he apologised. We sleep in seperate rooms, we dont do anything together at all, we barely talk but my wife exists like everything is normal, i can cope with that. She booked an overseas holiday without telling me just for herself, once i knew a few days before, i supported it. But im isolated, my life is miserable, im sad, i cry and i dont know what to do. All i wanted was us to agree we dont work, be friends, i would continue to support her in any way including financially. I feel like she is trying to punish me but sacrificing her own chance of happiness in doing so. I feel like im on the edge, at tge end, i dont know what to do, i cry often, im mise and started to not sleep. If i leave she will try suicide, i feel like im trapped. I cant keep living like i am, i want me back again.
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Dear Meremale,

I am so sorry to hear of your struggle with your wife, and how deeply it has affected your life and your marriage.

May I suggest that you get some help for yourself, in the form of a fellowship of peer support called Al-anon. Al-anon is a fellowship for people who are affected by other people's drinking. the contact number for Al-anon is 1300 ALANON (1300 252 666).

And please remember that help is never as far away as you may think it is ....... you're already found a support network right here, and available 24/7.

Take care. And if I/we can help any more, just say the word. xo