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dont know what to do next

Community Member
Last week I seperated from my partner of 5 years, this was his choice, I am completely devastated. I have been researching help on line and all I can find is the No Contact rule- is this the way to go?
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Thank you lovely lady!

Yes I do work full time and agree it is a great outlet. I love my job. It keeps me sane! The weekends are tough but I get myself dressed and I go out to the shops do housework hahah I find that therapeutic 😂😂😂

i know there’s a lot of love, particularly from my end and you’re right - what will be will be. I won’t ever not love him.

I am getting stronger! Thank you for your beautiful words xx

- happy 😊

Hi Happy, I hope you have an awesome weekend XX

Hi shazzy

i hope you have a work weekend too! I’m dog sitting and house sitting so I can’t wait to spend the weekend with the dogs. X

sendi much kindness x

- happy 😊

good on you- I'm going to take a quick visit home- all my things are still there and I need to some items- will see my dogs too, miss them as well 🙂

Oh that’s good there’s something good about animals - they’re the best company.

I’m also just going to do some cooking Hahahha I am such a nanna 😂😂😂 please be kind to yourself and I’ll be thinking of you x

- happy 😊

hi happy, how are you going? I went back home, we had a nice time, we talked about a lot. I think there is hope:) Not sure he is away for two weeks, then when he gets back I am away for two weeks, that will bring us up to easter, will see how that goes- I might spend it there. How was your cooking? I always find cooking a good distraction, hope your weekend is being kind to you xx

Hello shazzy

I’ve had a good weekend too. I’ve been baking and to be honest I’ve been seeing my man too. It feels like home. Which is not helpful because we’re not together and I can’t hurt again. But, this time I’m being a bit more selfish (which is not me 😔) but it’s my defence mechanism. I’m happy you got to speak with your man xxx sending you much love 💕

- happy 😊

Hi Happy,

That's great you are seeing each other- I guess we sort of are, but he still wants time to sort himself out, that's fair enough- I think I am still very much in the "It Can Hurt stage}, so yes, I am applying a few strategies to myself- still struggling tho. xxx

Hello shazzy

yes I know this stage. I am just doing my thing and being a good human and trying to sort out my life. I’m happy that we’re talking so that is a positive. I hope you’re ok too xx

Hi Happy,

Good for you- I shall take a leap out of your book 🙂 xx have a great day!