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Bad news

mocha delight
Community Member
I really don’t know how to feel right now as I got news at about 11:10pm ish that my grandma passed away. But all I know is I’m feeling very numb/sad/upset/hurt/pain/emotionless/emotional all at once which is that even normal for someone who most likely has depression? All these emotions are running rampant in my head still and my mind is going a million miles like an hour. I just don’t how to deal with all this or how I’m going to get through the night with all this pain & hurt ect ect ect and not to mention for some time I’ve barely been sleeping at all. The only thing that helped numb anything like this was major binge eating until I felt nothing which I’ve done a bit of it but it’s not helping this time at all.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Mocha delight, the news you had received would have been devastating, especially if there was a definite connection between the two of you, spending time with each other and joining together with the good times that only the two of you understood so we're terribly sorry that she has passed away.

Having the emotions which you have described are a normal reaction to this sad news, however, if you are suffering from depression then your response could well be that you may have a delayed way of reacting to something that you would do very quickly.

I'm not qualified to make this determination, although unfortunately, I have been in the exact situation, where my reaction to losing someone I loved was nulled until I could clearly recall what has just happened.

The way that you have tried to cope with binge eating may only be temporary because your feelings of stress and/or anxiety can be relieved by eating but eventually, you will need to talk with your GP for a referral to see a psychologist.

We are so sorry for you and hope we can hear back from you.

Take care.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Mocha delight i am really sorry about the lost of your grandma.It really is very sad news for you.I remember getting a phone call 1am in the morning to tell me my grandma had passed away.The emotions you experienceing are pretty normal.It can hit you really hard at first even when you are expecting it.It seems to get easier as time goes by and you can remember the happy times with her.

Take care,


Thank you both Geoff and matchy for your replies yes I was wondering if it was normal for someone with depression or possibly having depression and I’m still feeling the same tonight ie all those things but at the same time as being completely numb & emotionless to. I know some say depression does not ruin in families but 2 of the 3 cousins of mine who tried to take their life’s has been diagnosed with depression & 1 of them has bipolar to and I suspect the third cousin has it but as far as I know has not yet been diagnosed plus another 1/2 cousins who I suspect may have it.

Losing someone you care about is a hard thing for anyone.The way people react to it does vary but we are all different and react differently.I have allways struggled dealing with losing someone.With depression it would make it harder to come to terms with it but your feelings are i think normal and how you are reacting is normal for you.You need to grieve your lost.Maby talk to someone if you feel like you are struggling with it.

Take care,