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Ask you out girl

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how do you prefer to be asked on a date, and in what circumstance? depending on your relationship with the guy, you're friends, just met, don't speak very often?

Obviously by email, Facebook etc. are out of the question for most, but what should 'he' say to you?

Also, how about a hand written letter? Not so much a love letter, but just expressing interest and a desire to get to know you more... Could this be an option for someone you rarely ever see, and don't have opportunity to speak to?

I appreciate any advice here

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Thank you Sylvia! I hope your Christmas was nice. Mine was kind of average. And thank you for keeping in touch, it's comforting to know that people so considerate are on these forums. 😊

Hi Lonely22

i hope you have had a good start to the year and it all worked out all ok with your lady.

i am going ok been very busy at work which has been good in some ways because have had to help friends going through divorce which has been stressful as have had a bit of a soft spot for the husband but am not going to do anything silly.....

anyway lucky me is off to New Zealand in a few weeks which will be great

i hope is all well with you