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Ive lost almost everything help someone

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Hi all first post here, I suffer depression and anxiety, in one month lost my job, wife, kids, dog and home.

Im now living with my eldest son at my mothers house (shes on permanent life support and last legs) my ex is sleeping with a friend of mine..I Have spent a week crying non stop and just want the pain to end...my whole life is destroyed and i dont know what to do...my ex and i still talk and i see the kids but she was the love of my life...12 years together and 3 children...due to get married next year.....im lost, confused, helpless and have no hope i feel i cant trust anyone.....

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Hello Lost

Welcome and good on you for having the strength to post!

I dont blame you for a moment for feeling as bad as you do now Lost. You have really been through some major life issues in such a short time. Im very sorry about the volume of what you have had to go through.

If I may suggest (if you havent done so already) that it would be crucial to see your GP asap and make it a double appointment. She/he will be able to assist and start helping you find some peace. I still use mine regularly after having depression since 1996....They are just one way to help us find the light in the darkness you are in...

The forums are a Safe & Judgement free Zone so you can lean on us in this difficult time. There are many kind and supportive people that can be here for you even if you just need to chat

If you need a voice on voice conversation for immediate help BB have qualified & caring people on the 24/7 Support Line too

I really hope you can get back to us Lost. You have done so well by posting.....a big step!

my kind thoughts for you


Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words and advice.

Im seeing my doctor and psychotherapist.. it helps a bit but not much 😞

I am on anti deppresents and that helps a bit but not much.

I suppose only time can heal the wounds but the scars shall always remain..

Thank you again though it really does mean alot to me

I am glad to hear you are under the care of the professional folk.

I can attest that the BB phone team are great. Everyone "BB" is pretty awesome actually.

I don't what else to say, but offer a hug of support **hug**


Hi Lost

Thanks for posting back!

You are spot on, being through such a rough period the meds and the counseling would feel like they are only scratching the surface.

Distraction is also an effective tool. Sometimes an idle mind can really give us a hard time. Finding some type of gentle distraction with your time does work too.

I was made redundant in Jan 2016 and ended up posting here to bounce off people with my depression and it worked well and has been great therapy too. I have always wanted to 'give back' something to the community as well so I started helping others with anxiety depression relationship issues etc.

Even if you want a chat or vent about your feelings you are more than welcome to do so. You have been through so much. My heart goes out to you

you arent alone here Lost.

my kind thoughts for you


Ive started at the Gym and although it helps...I have no one to talk too really and dont want to burden the 3 friends I have who I can talk too. Still cry everyday...still hurt...im unloveable...just want to have friends and support. Thank you and thank everyone who cares enough to care about me a stranger...means alot..

No worries at all

The gym is a good idea and good on you!

You are not a stranger on here in any way.

Can I welcome you here as part of the Beyond Blue family? I hope you can let us help you

Crying means you are healing....even though its painful and slow

The BB Forums are rock solid secure Lost (otherwise I wouldnt be here)

Can I ask you why you feel like a burden to your 3 friends? (if thats okay of course)

Your post here have the same weight here as anyone else's! If you and others didnt post these forums wouldnt exist, so thankyou for being here 🙂

you are not alone here.....

my kindest thoughts for you...(any questions please ask...or just a chat)


Thanks again Paul, my friends have kids, wife, family...one they cant really understand and two I understand that people live their lives and it gets busy i dont want to bring them down with my negativity. Im bit by bit putting together myself like a jigsaw that doesnt have all the pieces. May never be complete again but at least i will be able to move forward one step at a time...

Hey Lost

Good to hear from you again. You are an intelligent guy who has had the strength to post back.

I like what you said about putting yourself back together again like a jigsaw...piece by piece...Good on you

Sometimes we need a 'support network'...going by the book its around 5 people to 'bounce' off.

I have been through the relationship crapper as well and yes its painful.

I had one person as a 'support network' and I was lucky having just one

12 years is a long time Lost.

If I can ask how your day was today?

my kindest


Community Member

I just wanted to say that i feel for you.

Ive been struggling for a year now because my ex always told me there was a hope of us working our way back together right up until a few days ago. Turns out hes met someone who is the female version of him and feels shes the best thing to have happened to him. Which was great to hear while ive been dealing with our 2 year old and pregnant eith another hes not interested in.

If you ever want to chat please let me know. Its so much harder when there is noone to share these problems with