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Alone in this

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Hi Iam new to all this! I have suffered with anxiety and depression my whole life and now suffer with postnatal depression! I have two beautifuls girls under the age of 2 and a husband who has been my rock!!!! But now he has been diagnosed with postnatal depression as well I don't have any friends and am feeling completely alone in this....
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Hi Emwin2,

You are definitely not alone.

I am grateful that you have found us here...please take a look around...there are many great resources here for us all.

1300 22 46 36.

I have personally never experienced post-natal depression, but I know depression well...I live with major depressive episodes...that always occur at the worst possible time - of course!

I am guessing that youve spoken to your GP about this - also there are great professionals out here, that can assist you with the right and best support.

Stay in touch.

Whenever you feel like sharing more of how it is for you...we are here for you.

Also, please feel free to read the others posts and threads as well...youll find that there are people here that do get you...

...you are not alone.

You are loved.

Stay safe.

Stay in touch.


Also BeyondBlue have a freecall number - you can call them, and chat to someone whenever you need to ---

Something happened there and the number went all wonky -

But the free call number for beyond blue is - 1300224636.

Take good care of you now.

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hello Emwin, how sorry I feel for the both of you, because that's exactly what happened to me with our second child, my wife had PND and eventually I got it, not that it was ever intended to happen just as with your husband, the circumstances put both of you into a situation that wear onto eachother.
My wife didn't get any help by either counselling or with any medication so it just seemed to go on and on and seemed like forever, the same applied to me.
I thought that by moving towns and getting another job would help, because that's what she said would make her PND go away, and indeed it did but for only a short time, because we were employed in an hotel and she was meant to be the bookkeeper and I the publican.
Well the book keeping monthly figures came out for the first two months or so, but then it was like drawing blood out of a stone, so it was a last minute rush to get them out to the 7 directors, however they were friendly and knew that money intact had risen because there were more people in the pub, even so it was an enormous headache.
It was a struggle as I had to put on a 'happy face'while working 100 hours a week.
What we should have done was seek counselling as well as any medication the doctor prescribed.
I wish I could explain to you that deep down I know how you and your husband feel, because it will separate you both emotionally, each one of you not disclosing the pain you are going through, because you never think that he/she will understand what you are going through, but if you do this you may feel that you don't want to exasperate extra sadness to your partner, however it's causing more suffering for yourself as well as your husband.
Unfortunately it comes back to each one of you to tell the other person how it's affecting your life, rather than saying 'I'm the one who needs help', yes you do but so does your husband.
You need to have one strong person who can help out with your two beautiful girls aged 2 as well as be able to cope, but with you and your husband both suffering PND that won't happen.
My wife never wanted any help and if I had the chance I certainly would have, but working 100 hours a week I had to overcome it by myself, but that's not a good idea. Geoff. x