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When buttons get pushed

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Can anyone help ? My buttons have been pushed to the point of bringing on severe anxiety. Does anyone think this is curable ? I am desperate to feel relaxed and at peace again and to be able to enjoy my life. I don’t know how to cope
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My anxiety is sky high today. I feel dreadful. Nothing has happened - it just is. I need a big hug and comfort so badly

Im going to see my doctor this afternoon,

Dear Cala,

I am so very sorry to hear your anxiety was through the roof - how are you feeling now?

I am hoping that your visit to the doctor has helped?

Let us know how you're going if you feel up to it?

We're here for you and we are listening.

I know you've had a really challenging time during this iso time especially.

Hey, how's your wild hairdo going? I have refrained from chopping mine, i come close every 3rd day or or so - it fluctuates between driving me bonkers and me getting excited to have longer hair so i am do fun things with it. Geeze i have an exciting life ...

Very important question you asked about my boys' thermal security shirts. I think i may have embellished the truth when i called them thermal. I think they're just plain black t-shirts for dogs and in white writing actoss the back it says "security " ... like, cos they're super tough and are guarding the premises in their little furmonster way? Yeah, like that.

Thank you for your care and concern, i have had a challenging time lately with some family stuff going down ... plus my mum is sick at the moment she is going thru chemo and radiation (again) ... but i have other good thinhs happening as well, it's a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment!

I just wanted to say hello and hope that you are doing a little better than a few days ago? If not, you are not alone, we are here with you, and we're listening.

Not like a real hug i know, but we're here.


Hello Birdy and thank you for replying. Thanks for sorting me out RE your dogs security coats - you have got a good sense of humour 😄. I am very sorry about your mum’s situation, that must be very tough for you all. Hugs 🤗🤗🤗 to you Birdy.

I’ve wanted to reply to you a few times and just can’t seem to find the words. There have been times in my life where I have found it difficult to express my thoughts and feelings (that’s another story as to why), and this time is one of the worst. I’ve spent so much time in iso and not talking that it’s making it even harder. And I just seem to be going round and round in circles with it all. Not coping well with the enormity of Covid, with iso or the loneliness, and I’ve got down so low. I did see my doctor again and now have to wean myself off one medication to go on something else, so not an easy process. I’m fed up with myself, fed up with feeling like this, so tired of the struggle to get past it all. I’ve been working to get practical things done today at home but it hasn’t really helped - a bit sad when the most exciting thing has been to hang washing that was overdue for attention.

Thats all I’ve got, thank you again for caring Birdy. Cala

Hi Cala (& a wave to all),

I’m glad you saw your doctor the other day. But the whole issue with your meds does sound very challenging...

Oh Cala, I feel for you. The loneliness and feelings of monotony must be crippling. It must be so intense for you...

I think, & I’m sure you know this anyway, you really do need sustained/regular face-to-face meaningful contact with someone in your physical community. If not, at least a phone call...

Sigh, I think connection is the real antidote to your loneliness. I‘m not saying anything groundbreaking here though...

I believe restrictions are lifting in your state. So perhaps you can maybe start to slowly venture out again. I know it can be a tricky balancing act of social distancing/covid risk management versus our need for human interaction, but perhaps there is a middle ground?

For example, visiting a local cafe for takeaway coffee and a chat with the baristas then sitting in a park to enjoy your coffee?

I also recall your 2 city friends who seemed to be keen to chat with you on the phone last time. I wonder, would you consider reaching out to them again, and perhaps even proposing regular phone calls e.g. once each week or two?

Sorry, I don’t mean to overwhelm you with ideas and I’m not trying to tell you what to do. It’s just that I feel loneliness is at the heart of your struggles, hence my going on about trying to increase your connections 😉

Kindness and care,


Hi Cala,

Peppermint's suggestions sound excellent - I know the lovely ladies who work at our local coffee take away and we always chat, and people sit in the park in the sunshine and there are always people to talk to, everyone is in a friendly mood on a nice day!

Thanks for the suggestion re the jigsaw mat, I need a wooden one so I'll get to Bunnings sometime for one.

Hope you're feeling happier as things are opening up - all our shops and cafes are open here. best wishes!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Cala...and everyone...🤗..

I like the idea of coffee and a park sit down..Although it’s something I can’t do on my own..it always sounds relaxing when I hear it..

Thank you for your post on mine..I will reply to you their as well..when I feel up to being able to post on mine...
I often reply several times then keep deleting them..It’s so hard to find words to explain our thoughts and how we’re feeling...especially when we are really down....

Well done seeing your Dr..and I’m wishing you the best while your weaning off your old meds to try the new one..I hope they can help you better then the last lot...I went through around 6 different families of ADs until they found one that helps me.....Well takes the edge of my emotions making it easier for me to manage most times..

It’s okay dear Cala if all you managed was hanging out your clothes...that’s an achievement, and enough when we’re not well...You’re struggling sweety...please don’t be to hard on you...Isolation is nearly over... clubs, pubs, shops! Venues, cafe shops are all opening up again..,It’s okay to visit them with friends now..to sit down and chat about things you like....even sneak in a hug if you need one and you know your both safe...or you can invite them to your home, for coffee...

Hope you’re doing okay today Cala...

Sending you my love, care and heaps of hugs dear friend..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Cala...

How are you doing dear Cala..🦋..

I wanted to call in to say hello and give you a nice comfy warm friendly hug....

Care, kindness and yep more hugs..🌈🌹🦋🤗.