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(Trigger warning) PTSD after being stabbed

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I feel after i was stabbed nearly 1year ago in the chest heart arterie severed , punctured left lung ,fractured rib rushed to icu injuries were life threatening,i am struggling to deal with life i live in constant fear especially around people i public i have no family support but do have friends but i feel a burden to them all, the flashbacks are out off control especially when sleeping,i dont no what to do i dont have the desire to do much in life anymore i seam to have lost interest in working hobbies even going for a surf i have 4weeks left at were im staying now and the time has come for me to ask for help as i put on a brave face but deep down im feel broken, what do you suggest would be something that could help me with dealing with this nighmare i deal with everynight i go to sleep
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Hi Kazzl Didn't expect a response back so quick thankyou Kazzl☺

I hope you had a Lovely Christmas and new year.

Thing's today i hope work out i booked into a charity organization for some assistant,see what happens tomorrow, its an anxious wait to see if i get the help im talking about counseling (However i do feel i have received something very special from these great people on this forum) .today i feel some hope and im more possitive,overcome!!.😊

Thanks everyone Jacezz

Hi Croix

Thanks mate,

For some reason today i feel hope, this forum has started to have positive effect on me, i feel the peak off just existing is over, now i going to start living!.

I hope you understand me. Thanks Croix

It's so good to hear you sounding upbeat Jason! Best of luck with the charity - if they can't provide what you need ask them who can. The community support / charity folks are often well conected with each other.

I did have a pretty good Christmas thanks, but I'm glad it's over. Too much hype and commercialism for me. This year will be a new start for me too as I'm hoping to change my work situation (currently unemployed) and go to TAFE. Onwards and upwards for us eh?



Jase, yes mate, been in the USA on holidays but now back in country. Was an unreal trip that is for sure and really did me well in a self worth sense. Did some travel by myself, went and watched my Seattle Seahawks which was bucket list #1, played in the snow in Detroit, watched some NBA and NHL and took the kids to Disneyland so the last week has been real hectic.

Love that you are going well. Never ever did i think you were hard work because i know what you are going through with the PTSD. Croix says it brilliantly above where he talks about the two Jason's. We can now see that the warrior Jase is overcoming the PTSD Jase and your life is scaling upwards which is massively brilliant.

You have this thing about you, i am not religious in any sense of the word but there is something about you. You have an inner brilliance and an inner goodness to you. The rainbows that you make, wow - again i have to say that putting a smile on a kids face is one of lifes most under rated feelings. You do that. You are one very tough unit i can tell you that. To go through and continue to, one highly resilient person. Much respect.

Also agree with Croix in that it may not be the best idea to take off overseas whilst PTSD Jase is still hanging around. I can tell you honestly that i would not dream of going to the States when PTSD Mark was still well and truly in the fold. Because i waited, it made it so much better.

You feeling hope is gold. Hope is brilliant and to hear you say those magical words, "start living" is giddee up time. In the PTSD world, we exist, post PTSD we grow, PTSD growth where the world opens up and as you have learnt so much about yourself and others, life is so much better. PTSD growth is a marvelous place to live and as stupid as this sounds to some people, i am grateful for what i went through, it made me a better person. I still have work to do but it is looking brighter each day. You are now starting to live and that is a brilliant result.

Great stuff mate.


Jase, the key words in your last post for me where the try relaxation techniques. When you are trying them, you are actually teaching yourself. You have to keep going with them. Persist because they work. Find the one that works for you and exploit it.

Awesome that you may have found a place to sleep. Great news!


  1. Hi Mark Croix Kazz
  2. Hope your all well i was off line a bit rin out off data,going through very puzzling time the lady i met in october something has changed i just hope she is being straight with me because its nothing like our friendship used to be its as if someone has told her things like how i old you my grandfather believed i poured petrol over someone and set them on fire my grandmother still believes this is the case my cousin i have him recorded saying its public knowledge its not true i never did that my family wont even tell me when exactly my Opa passed away all they do is go out off there way to discredit meits my cousin his father is the one who did what he did when i was only young boy.think about it if im successful in life im a real threat to them people will listen the shot they say about me upsets me and i know cause they are rich people are easy bought i got to overcome buy getting the hell out and giving myself a chance off a better life elsewhere cause anything good turns to shit and some off my close mates have also paid heavily good people who have been there for me supported me through tough times one is doing long jail term set up one was in detention center no case manager for one year gave up went back to uk lived here for 25 years his boy plays forperth glory junior team and there are more horror stories including myself getting stabbed and no professional help still today my friend wont do video calls anymore and hardly replies i suppose thats what tamps do devide a conquer make up stories and shune you like a outcast not happy chappy
  3. Take care regards jason

Jase, I remember a time when i accepted that i cannot control the uncontrollable and it made me much more calm. We cannot control what other people think and say, all we can do is worry about ourselves. This is not to say that we cannot correct people when false information is given of course but if we get wound up what other people are saying it will have a huge effect on us mentally.

Don't get me wrong here, it is certainly not easy to push aside false stories about ourselves but you know within yourself what you have and have not done. If people are spreading nasty stories about you, well they are probably not worth worrying about.

You have come so far in your journey. We can all see that you are a good person. I still marvel at your rainbows and how you put smiles on kids faces, how you have survived an attack, how you have kept fighting against the system and how you keep engaging with us (when you have data!! hate when i run out of it!!).

Keep your chin up mate, remember the journey is a long one with bumps in the road. You have overcome many bumps so far, don't let this one derail you.


Hi Jason

You are sounding a bit down - like things are piling up on you again.

Now I won't try to say the facts may not be right, though you may be reading too much into a change in the lady's attitude - easy enough to do.

What I will say is the PTSD tries to get you down so that the things you can normally cope with or forget about become more important then they should and cause you hassles.

Not all turns to shit, you saved Vince, you made the rainbows, you have us as friends. You have others. That's just the start.

Give it a while and things will start to be less of a burden to you

I know the 'warrior' side of Jason can overcome all this crap


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hiya Jason - how are you today? Like Croix I'm a bit concerned things are tumbling in on you again.

I understand that feeling. I don't have PTSD, I'm bipolar and it happens with me too sometimes where everything, every worry I have and especially things from the past, just pile up in a big heap and I have trouble separating them. Each thing has its own stress on you, but together they're one big heavy bundle of stress and anger and fear.

Both Mark and Croix mentioned the happier things and they are truly worth concentrating on and valuing. It helps me when everything piles up to try to fix my thoughts on good things. Focus as hard as you can on them. Maybe the rest will become smaller if you make the good things bigger in your mind.

Have you seen Vince? How's he getting on? Have you been surfing lately?

Hey - did the charity get back to you? I'm keen to know how that went.

And Jase - I believe you, and I believe in you.

Keep talking to us mate.


Hi Kazzl and crew

Went for a wave yesterday very frustrating just cant wait to do an indo surf trip last time was October 2011

My Buddy Vince went to visit him last week but i check up on him twice a week spoke to him today said he is feeling tired alot off the time he still might need bypass

My family so call family is about as low as it gets i really want my grand fathers medals they can have the money they are greedy they need it but they wont even tell me when he exactly passed away i would love to do what he wanted me to do with them and were them for next Anzac day and before my grand mother passes away i would like her to no that her first grandson is not what my family are making me out to be its bad enough to think this is what my grandfather was brainwashed into believing before he passed on but he was still asking for me whilst he lay on his death bed my family told me this months after he passed away its evil what they done and yes that is one thing that can not be corrected and if i cross path with that particular family member who no what will happen i so angry at him i hsve asked him told him to tell my grandmother the truth and what his motive was for saying these things about me i just dont want her to die thinking these things about me my half brother today told me do us all a favour go kill yourself my cousin told me got this on recording do us all a favour and die and he threaten to kill me 3 times all on usb he did not even care i was recording it when i told him he said no one cares your dad died when you was 17 and we dont care that you got stabbed very cold bellow the belt none off my friends can believe the way i been treated should have him charged for threats to kill me and slanda for what he has told my grandparents

Yeah its hard not to think about it then there is ptsd nightmares stab stab anxiety and at time a raging anger

Im just doing my best and hoping its not making me internally ill i will probably drop dead of heart attack i no there is only so much stress our body's can consume

Take cae all regards jason